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Honors Program

Honors Program and Requirements



The Honors Program at FGCU in not a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, we provide a menu of experiences to choose from. Each of these experiences is designed to help students develop in a specific aspect of their lives. We will actively be adding new experiences over the next two years, so stay tuned for exciting changes!


Graduation Requirements

To graduate with Honors:

Students who enter the program directly from high school or through FGCU ACE (and who do not have an AA) need to satisfactorily complete 3 Honors Experiences (including the First-Year Experience); have completed a total of at least 12 credits of honors courses; have a GPA of 3.5+; and be in good standing with Honors during their final semester of coursework at FGCU. At least one of the 3 experiences must complete the First-Year Experience. Students who do not complete the First-Year Experience will not enter their second year in good standing.

Students entering Honors after starting at FGCU or as transfers must complete 2 Honors Experiences; have completed a total of at least 12 credits of honors courses; have a GPA of 3.5+; and be in good standing with Honors during their final semester of coursework at FGCU.


Honors Courses 

Honors offers many sections of honors courses each semester. These include honors sections of general education courses, interdisciplinary general education and upper-division courses, service labs, travel abroad classes, independent studies, honors readings, and honors thesis. To get a sense of what we offer, we encourage you to look at our courses on Gulfline. To do so, go to Gulfline, click "Course Schedule," Enter the semester and year that you would like to search (past years are often inaccurate, so we encourage you to search the next semester), choose "Honors Program" from the "Department" drop-down box, and click search. Gulfine is located here.



Our honors experiences are as follows:


I. The First-Year Experience (must be satisfactorily completed by all students entering as FTIC freshmen who have not completed an Associate degree)

Ready to get started with college life? This experience is designed to help students get acclimated to college life and the specific foci of the FGCU Honors Program. This is a cohort-style learning experience that focuses on academic and civic excellence, community building, and leadership development. All FTIC students must complete this experience.

Requirements: See here for requirements


II. The Liberal Arts Experience

Are you joining Honors because you want that classic liberal arts education in larger university setting? Then this is for you. The Liberal Arts Experience is built around interdisciplinary general education courses. Honors invites the top faculty at the University to teach courses that are not normally available to students at FGCU. Most of these courses are unique, one-time experiences that platform a faculty member's current area of research. This is an ideal experience if you are looking for one that you can casually complete over several years. The courses in this track satisfy many general education requirements.

To complete this experience, students need to complete 9 credits of honors courses with an IDH, ISS or ISC prefix.


III. Study Abroad/Away

We value global citizenship in Honors and promote it by offering many study abroad/study away opportunities for our students. Students can complete the Study Abroad/Away Experience by completing at least one credit of IDH 3955: Honors Study Abroad/Away. Students may also complete this experience by studying abroad through organized programs offered through FGCU.


IV. Research Experience

Undergraduate research is one of the hallmarks of an outstanding honors program. Students may complete the Research Experience by completing an Honors Thesis (IDH 4975), 3-credits of IDH 3910, or an Honors contract in a directed study or internship course in their major field of study.


V. Service Experience

FGCU has been recognized nationally for its dedication to service learning. In Honors, we feature the best that we have to offer in community engagement. Through service labs and service learning courses, students can complete the Honors Service Experience. To do so, students need to complete 4 credits of IDH 4638C, Honors IDS 3300, or Honors IDS 3920. 


VI. Honors in the Major

By completing 3 Honors contracts in her/his major area of study, a student can complete the Honors in the Major Experience. This gives students additional breadth and depth of knowledge in their major areas of study. It also helps students to develop 1-on-1 mentorship relationships with their professors. For more information on contracts, see here.