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Honors Program

Benefits of Honors


Honors provides many benefits to our students. These include the following:

  • Early Registration (honors students can begin registering on the first day of registration regardless of year)
  • Scholarships (Honors has special scholarships that are available only to honors students)
  • Honors Courses (honors students have access both to unique courses and honors sections of courses)
  • Honors Contracts (honors students have the ability to turn any course into an honors course)
  • Honors Residential Communities (Honors provides two residential communities)
  • Special Events (these include both social and academic experiences)
  • Unique Experiences (Honors provides full programs to help students develop as leaders, civic servants, and researchers)
  • Global Travel (the Honors Program regularly holds courses outside of the US and SWFL)
  • Honors Thesis (honors students may opt to write an honors thesis 
  • "Honors" on Your Final Transcript
  • The Cording Ceremony (Honors holds a special event on graduation weekend)
  • Special Honors Events, social and academic

Beyond the above, Honors provides special advising sessions and help with many of the day-to-day activities of being a college student. Our community atmosphere will provide you a home from day 1.