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Housing and Residence Life - Jobs

Housing and Residence Life - Jobs

Resident Assistants

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RA Recruitment

The Resident Assistant (RA) position plays an integral role within the Office of Housing & Residence Life and within the lives of our residents. Students who are selected to assume this leadership role will have significant, focused responsibility for residential life in an assigned area. Studies show that students who invest in an active on-campus life have better academic performance and stronger connections to their peers. What better way to become actively involved and gain leadership skills than applying to become an RA?


Resident Assistant Position Description 2017-2018

Residence hall living provides many unique opportunities to stimulate the intellectual and social development of students.

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a part time, paraprofessional staff member and student leader who is employed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life (OHRL) and selected based on their intellect, leadership qualities, willingness to assume responsibilities and ability to relate to residents. The Resident Assistant works closely with, and is directly responsible to, the Resident Director or Residence Life Coordinator. The Resident Assistant keeps the supervisor informed of activities, problems, and needs of the residents and the community. As an RA, you are charged with the development and creation of a residential environment that promotes and enhances the social, academic and diverse pursuits of our student population. The RA serves as a resource for our residential students and is responsible for creating an environment conducive to academic success.  The RA accomplishes this through their day to day responsibilities as well as the other responsibilities listed below.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • RAs must have a vested interest in balancing multiple roles, including: friend, an advisor, the coordinator of activities, the primary source of information, educator, and authority figure.
  • RAs should be committed to their own personal growth and education.
  • Perform all administrative tasks as defined by the Resident Director or Residence Life Coordinator.
  • Attend weekly one-on-ones, complete weekly reports, and assist with both Eagle Expo events.
  • Attend weekly area staff meetings and monthly in-services on Mondays from 6-9pm
  • Remain in the hall late / or return early to open during holidays and breaks, as determined by the Resident Director and/or the Office of Housing & Residence Life.
  • Respond to student concerns and crisis situations
  • Attend and actively participate in the Fall RA Training and the Spring RA Training.
  • Participate in all training programs and other events as deemed necessary for purposes of further developing leadership, advising, programming, and administrative skills.
  • Participate in RA Selection processes (i.e. weekend interview process in January and events etc.)
  • Work three (3) hours a week at the desk as part of the RA job.
  • Understand, explain, enforce and support all Office of Housing & Residence Life and University policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a high standard of personal conduct.
  • Opportunities to serve on a committee or collateral assignment as needed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Minimum Qualifications

In order to be eligible to apply for and maintain a Resident Assistant position, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have been an FGCU student for at least 1 semester before beginning the position (summer terms do not count).
  • Must have lived on campus for at least one semester* before beginning the position
  • Must maintain a semester & cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above at all times. (which includes during the application and interview process)
  • Must be in good conduct standing with the University at all times (which includes during the application and interview process)
  • Must be a student enrolled in classes at FGCU
  • Must be able to complete entire length of contract, which typically lasts from August to May.
  • Must be able to attend both interview weekends in January (January 20-22 and 27-29).
  • Must be able to serve as part of the on call rotation from 5:00pm-8:00am at least once a week.

*On-campus living at another university or military service does qualify.


The RAs compensation is based on a twenty (20) hour work week.  This includes three (3) hours as adesk worker.

As part of the RA compensation package, each staff member is provided a room within their assigned community at no cost. In addition to the room each staff member will receive a stipend. Stipend amounts are based on length of service to the department and are not automatically adjusted. Increases in stipends for each year of service are based on exceptional performance in the role.

  • 1st Year: $1,100.00 per semester, $2,200.00 total
  • 2nd Year: $1,200.00 per semester, $2,400.00 total
  • 3rd+ Year: $1,300.00 per semester, $2,600.00 total

To download a copy of this position description, please click here.


Thank you for your interest in the 2017-2018 Resident Assistant position at FGCU!  The application process starts October 24th. The application will remain open until December 9th. To begin the application process, please follow the timeline below:

  1. Attend an OPTIONAL Information Session.  They are NOT required but will provide more insight into the recruitment and selection process and the Resident Assistant position. 

      Date Location Time
    Wednesday October 26 Osprey Hall 5th floor 9 pm
    Thursday November 10 Sugden (SHRM) 111 6:30 pm
    Monday November 21 Eagles' Landing 9:30 pm
    Tuesday December 6 Eagle Hall 5th floor 7 pm

  2. Complete the RA Application, located at (For instructions on completing the application, please click here.)
  3. Submit RA Application online by 11:59pm on December 9, 2016Note: the deadline for Spring 2017 hiring consideration is November 23, 2016.
  4. Applicants will be informed by emailed if their application will be moved onto the next stage of the process.
  5. Candidates will participate in individual & group interviews on the following weekends: January 20-22 & 27-29, 2017.
  6. If the candidate moves past their individual interview on the weekend of January 20-22, they will be asked to return for the group process, the following weekend, January 27-29.
  7. Candidates will be contacted by the end of February regarding the status of their candidacy.

 If you have any questions about the RA Application Process, please email us at

What is an RA (Resident Assistant)?
Resident Assistants are student leaders who live in the residence halls/areas and provide leadership to the community.  Resident Assistants are responsible for providing educational and social programming, connecting students with campus resources, and enforcing residence halls policies.

 How much time does the RA Position require?
The RA position is unique in that it is a live-in position, so you may be required to work at any time.  There are several structured and scheduled hours per week (e.g. working at the desk, attending meetings, etc.), but additional responsibilities (on-call, resident concerns, programming, advertising, etc.,) will take up additional time per week.  On the whole, RAs work an average of 20 hours a week. 

How much do RAs get paid?
RA remuneration includes a residence hall room, a stipend, internet, and cable. Additionally, RAs  may have an opportunity to work as a Desk Assistant in their or another residence hall/community. 

Do I have a curfew or a specific number of nights I can be away?
RAs are expected to spend a significant portion of their time in the community.  

Will I have to work weekends?
RAs are required to work all days of the week for different events or on-call shifts throughout the course of the semester. You will not “work” all weekends, but as an RA, if you have not requested time off, you will be expected to respond should you be needed.

Can I apply if I do not currently live in the residence halls or if I never lived in the residence halls?
Students must live on campus for at least a semester to apply for the position. First-year residents are eligible because when they start the job, they will have lived on for the minimum of one semester. Off-campus residents are encouraged to apply as well as long as they’ve lived on for at least one semester. (This can be satisfied if you’ve lived on at a different university or if you have served time in the military, etc.) 

Do you have to be a Desk Assistant?
Yes.  Part of the RA responsibility is working three hours at the front desk of their building/area. 

Does my GPA have to be great?
RAs are required to have a 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA.  RAs must be enrolled as a FGCU student during the entire academic year. 

How do I look for housing if I don’t know if I’ll get the job?
Since we cannot guarantee that any particular person(s) will be hired, we encourage all applicants to secure housing they think fits their situation the best. If you are going to live on-campus and you are hired, your current agreement will be moved to your RA space and your room assignment adjusted to your Resident Assistant room. If you are planning to live on-campus and are not hired, you are required to fulfill the terms of your agreement or pay any penalties for cancelling. If you are planning to live off campus, we highly encourage you to not sign a lease until after the process if over. The Office of Housing & Residence Life is not responsible for any fees you may incur should you choose to accept the position after having signed other leases, contracts or agreements.

What are the housing options for RAs?
RAs receive a single space in one of the residence halls, but may have to share an apartment style suite depending on the area placement.

Can I just do it for a semester?
No, the RAs are hired for the entire academic year. This is to ensure consistency in the community and provide the best customer service possible to our residents.

When does Fall 2017 training start?
RA training usually starts at the end of July/ beginning of August and lasts approximately two weeks, including the weekend between the first and second week of training.

What do you do during training?
Training is an intense 2-week period where RAs attend sessions on a number of different topics including: emergency preparedness, campus resources and departments, residents' needs and how to meet those needs, alcohol and other drugs, how to confront conduct situations, diversity training and more.  In addition, time is spent bonding with other RAs, your building/area staff, and other campus resources.  Most RAs find this to be a very beneficial time!

What kind of programs do RAs do... what are the requirements?
Each area has its own Community Development Plan that is designed to outline the program requirements expected of the RAs. They typically include a number of individual social programs while contributing to area-wide programming initiatives as well. 

Can I have a second job?
RAs are allowed to work a second job with the approval of their Resident Director for up to 9 hours per week on-campus and 10 hours per week off-campus. 

How much of the job will focus on student behavior?
While it tends to be the most visible, conduct is only a small part of the many responsibilities of an RA.

Can I have a social life with this job?
Yes, in fact we encourage it! Do remember to role model your behavior in and outside of the building/community as your residents will always associate you as their RA first, and as a regular college student second.

How can I make sure I get placed in _________ hall/area?
You will be asked to preference the communities on our campus when you complete your application. At the time of selection and placement, the hiring supervisors will take into account where a candidate would like to be placed.  However, we reserve the right to place candidates in the location that best serves the students and the Office of Housing & Residence Life. 

When will I know that I have the job?
Candidates will be contacted the end of February regarding the status of their candidacy. 

Will being documented for something in the past impact my chances of being hired?
Being documented in the past can, but does not automatically exclude you from being an RA.  The only exception to this is if you are currently on Disciplinary Probation. Individuals who are on Disciplinary Probation are not eligible to apply or be hired for the RA position. Other than probation, the committee looks at each student's conduct file individually and makes an assessment based on a number of factors including: severity of violation(s), number of violations, time since violation(s) occurred, and community involvement since violation(s) occurred.

For Further Information or Questions, Contact the RA Selection Committee
phone: (239) 590-1518

RA Recruitment

Resident Assistants are a valuable part of Residence Life. For more information, please visit the Residence Life page.