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First Year Residential Experience



There is overwhelming evidence that suggests student success is largely determined by student experiences during the first year (Upcraft, Gardner, & Barefoot, 2005).  In fact, research shows that first year students who are supported academically, who experience a seamless transition from home to college, and who are involved outside of the classroom, typically have higher grades and a greater likelihood of graduation.
For many first year students, residing on campus is their first independent living experience, and with that, comes much anticipation and anxiety.  The FYRE program at FGCU is designed to aid first year students in a seamless transition from home to college and provides a wide range of support systems aimed to assist them in achieving academic and personal success.  By living, learning, and working together students develop relationships and skills that will enrich their college experience.
Students interested in participating in the FYRE program should choose residence halls in South Village when applying for housing at FGCU.