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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

Leadership Opportunities

Resident AssistantsDevelop leadership skills while enjoying rich experiences.

Students working in residence hall positions, such as Resident Assistants, Judicial Council, and Residence Hall Association Board, are vital to the residence hall program and provide great services to their fellow residents. Seasonal positions are also available, such as Summer Conference Assistant and Maintenance Assistant. Students on college work study can become an Office Assistant for the Office of Housing & Residence Life.
For more information, contact the Office of Residence Life at or (239) 590-1700.
Become more involved with peers and campus-wide decisions through these positions:
  • Resident Assistants (RAs)serve the University community as programmers, community builders, policy enforcers, and liaisons between the student body and the Office of Residence Life. They are assigned to residence hall buildings. Each RA supervises a building of 47 men and women. At any given time, an RA is a mentor, counselor, tutor, advisor, teacher and friend.  And yes, at times has to be a janitor or disciplinarian.  They are trained by the professional residence life staff to help develop building unity and plan educational and social programs. Their major concern is to facilitate the personal and social growth of each member of their residential unit. RAs are friends, administrators, counselors, peacemakers and resource persons.  In addition, RAs will staff the main desk at the Commons in North Lake Village and South Village residence halls.  Please continue to check the Office of Housing and Residence Life home page for when applications maybe available. Students interested in becoming an RA should see their RA or RD.  
  • ResidentsThe Residence Housing Association (RHA)is an organization focused on making campus living more enjoyable. If you choose to become a member of this group, you'll work with other students, as well as key staff members to plan a number of fun events. In addition, you'll meet on a regular basis to discuss ways of improving the residence hall environment for all students.
  • The Residential Conduct Committee (RCC) is a peer review board made up of representatives from each of the residence halls. The purpose of the Council is for students to be held accountable for their actions by their peers. The members of the RCC are elected early in the fall semester and serve for one year on the Council, unless they move out of the residence halls. Each member will serve on the Council for one night each week.
  • The Summer Conference Assistant (CA) position is a live-in position responsible for assisting the Office of Housing and Residence Life with preparation and delivery of conference accommodations services. The CA position is a part-time, student leadership opportunity.  The duties consist of, but are not limited to:  set up and break down of apartments, inventory of supplies and apartments utilized, administrative duties, customer service relations, and assistance with facilities issues.  This work is often fast-paced and sometimes challenging because summer attendee numbers are often large but accommodations are mostly short-term.  CA's are expected to be flexible, deal successfully with change and reflect a customer-service attitude.
  • The Orientation Assistant (OA) position is a live-in position responsible for with preparation and delivery of Orientation accommodations services. The duties consist of, but not limited to:  set up and break down of rooms, inventory of supplies and rooms utilized, administrative duties, customer service relations, and assistance with facilities issues.  Average work hours per week: 15.
  • The Maintenance Assistant (MA) position is a part-time live-in Summer position responsible for assisting the Office of Housing and Residence Life in a wide variety of maintenance and construction trades.