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Housing Options – South Village


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FGCU offers many great housing options for first-year students. South Village (SoVi) is reserved for freshman and offers suite-style living.  Everglades Hall, Biscayne Hall and Palmetto Hall are all part of the first phase of the South Village residential community.  These 5-story, 124,000 square-foot residence halls each house 406 first-year students.  Most units within this halls are two-bedroom single suites.  Each suite has two furnished single bedrooms that share a split-style bathroom.  There are also a very limited number of rooms that offer a private bedroom and bath.  Osprey Hall and Eagle Hall are other great housing options. These 6-story residence halls offer three-bedroom single suites that include a kitchenette, a common living area and a shared bathroom.

The South Village residence halls are all home to the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program, designed for first-time in college students who are motivated to have a successful transition to college life living.  The FYRE Program offers an ideal environment to begin building a network of lasting friendships. Living in this residence hall affords first-year students the opportunity to become part of a special community while encouraging them to succeed academically and to get involved in the life of the campus and the greater community.

View costs for each room type here.

Housing - Everglads Hall

Suites (Biscayne, Everglades & Palmetto Halls) include:

  • 2 single bedrooms with a height adjustable bed (extra long twin), dresser, desk, and desk chair
  • Most bedrooms are 10' x 10', windows are 42” x 60”
  • Split-style bathroom - one side has sink and toilet, other side has sink and shower
  • Mini blinds on all windows
  • High-speed Internet for each resident
  • Basic cable television
  • All utilities

Suites (Osprey & Eagle Halls) include:

  • 3 single bedrooms with a height adjustable bed (extra long twin), dresser, desk, and desk chair
  • Most bedrooms are 9’7" x 12’10”, windows are approx. 66” x 60”
  • 2 sink vanity area, full bathroom with shower
  • kitchenette with a full size refrigerator, microwave and sink
  • living area with a 3 piece sectional sofa, entertainment center with a pull-out end table
  • Mini blinds on all windows
  • High-speed Internet for each resident
  • Basic cable television
  • All utilities

Other amenities include:

  • 7 lounges 
  • study rooms
  • multi-purpose rooms
  • game room
  • computer lab
  • fitness room
  • community kitchen 
  • laundry facility
  • Live-in professional and student staff are available to answer questions, advising, counseling, and mediating roommate conflicts; in addition to providing educational and social programs
  • Parking
  • Access to University Fitness Center & Aquatics Center
  • Bulletin boards throughout the residence hall with information about campus events, deadlines, and activities
  • Eagle Express student shuttle operates throughout the school year from seven in the morning till midnight
  • Housing payments may be paid in 4 equal installments. 

Eagle Dining offers a variety in dining locations throughout campus. The dining locations on the FGCU carry a convenient selection of food options and meal plans for students. For more information on meal plans go to Eagle Dining.

There are three floor plans in Everglades, Biscayne and Osprey Halls, four floor plans for Palmetto Hall and 3 floor plans in Eagle (open Fall 2014). View costs for each room type here.

2 Bedroom single (Biscayne, Everglades, Palmetto Halls)
Room dimensions – 10’ x 12’6”
Window dimension - 42” x 60”
Closet dimensions – 4’10” x 2’
Foyer dimension - 7’ x 6’

3 Bedroom single (Osprey, Eagle Halls)
Bedroom - 9’-7” x 12’-10”
Window – 3’-6” x 5’6” or 5’-0” x 5’-0”
Closet – 5’-0” x 2’-0”
Living area/kitchen – 8’-6” x 23’-8”
Bathroom/vanity area - 6’-0” x 2’-8”
Bathroom – 8’-4” x 5’6” (including the shower)

Limited number of the following:
1 Bedroom studio (Biscayne, Everglades, Palmetto Halls)
1 Bedroom private (Biscayne, Everglades, Palmetto Halls)
2 Bedroom single (Osprey, Eagle Halls)
3 Bedroom single (Palmetto Hall)

  • Scroll down to see all 3D floor plans.

2 Bedroom single (Biscayne, Everglades, Palmetto Halls)

Osprey and Eagle Hall 3 Bedroom-Single with kitchen and living room


1 Bedroom Studio

1 Bedroom Private

3 Bedroom Single


Map of South Village (.pdf - 2.54MB)
SoVi Map