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Special Interest Housing - Wellness Community


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Please note: The Wellness Community is no longer available.

The purpose of the Wellness Community at FGCU is to provide an environment that supports and encourages wellness for students who identify it as a value they wish to explore, maintain or grow during their college career. Well-Eagles will have the opportunity to work with their fellow residents and University staff to help develop and participate in the programming for the Wellness Community to help make it a fun place to live that is relevant to their interests and needs.

The Wellness Community offers its residents exclusive, distinct programming and opportunities that are focused on the seven elements of the Wellness Wheel: Occupational, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Physical, Social and Intellectual Wellness. Students who wish to live in the Wellness Community see each of these components as areas that could enhance their lives and support their success in college. They also have an interest in developing habits that promote a life-long commitment to keep wellness a priority in their lives. The Wellness Community is a substance-free building for all students who are interested and committed to this type of living experience. Residents in the Wellness Community are provided with a Wellness Community Resident Assistant, a wide-range of programs and activities focused around wellness, and other Wellness-related resources and support. 


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