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Institute of Government

Institute of Government

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Managing The Problem Employee
with Dr. Bob Peterson

Date: TBA
Fee: $TBA

Workshop Description:

At some time or another, every manager or supervisor has had a difficult or problem employee.You may have inherited one when you were assigned to supervise a new group of people - or the difficult employee may have transferred into your work group - or been transferred because another manager was tired of dealing with him or her.

You may have hired one and did not know it until the probationary period was over and you began to see the true personality of the person you actually hired.

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Workshop Objectives:

In this workshop participants will learn proven techniques -- and more importantly, immediate fixes -- for dealing with their current problem employee or the inevitable problem employee they will face in the future. Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid hiring problem employees
  • Recognize who is and isn't a problem employee
  • Help problem employees get back on track
  • Apply progressive discipline - suspend - terminate employees - handle severances
  • Keep good documentation of events and behaviors
  • Apply the FOSA process
  • Deal with deflection

Through the use of case studies and role plays, participants will be able to apply what they have learned and be ready to better manage the problem employee.

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