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Best Customer Service Habits
with Dr. Ava Fluty

Date: TBA
Fee: $TBA

Workshop Description:

Have you examined your customer service habits lately? What is working well and what is less than effective? This workshop will begin to examine some habits that may or may not be successful, yet some are still used because, "We have always done it this way." What is your customer service story? Are you the innovator who is curious about what is effective and what isn't? Do you look at setbacks as data that can be used to improve service? Join us and find out how!

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Workshop Objectives:
  • 4 questions that help you examine your habits and evaluate if your actions are successful.
  • How good are your personal customer service skills? Says who?
  • What is your personal - team - organizational legacy regarding customer service?
  • How do you effectively respond to complaints? Is it working for your customer?
  • Do your employees have "skin in the game" - are there rewards/consequences for level of service?
  • What habits are you using, changing, growing, to assure your customers know they are the number one reason you are in business?

"Successful change agents respond as scientists would-with curiosity instead of blame. Rather than blaming themselves, they treat setbacks as data-and use it to examine and improve the plan. 'We call it turning bad days into good data'."
From Change Anything, by Patterson Grenny (McMillan/Switzler)

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