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What Are the Benefits of Organizational Solutions?


Read more about Organizational Solutions and the Benefits to Your Company

Strengthening the Leadership and Management Team

Individual and team coaching are included in this holistic approach to strengthening the management team. Upon completing a needs analysis, the team will work under the guidance of the consultant to establish specific goals and strengthen the team.


  • Assessment of needs to determine strengths/weaknesses of the management team
  • Goal development specific to the management team
  • Training and coaching that are designed for your unique situation
  • Individual and team training aimed at strengthening managers

Improving Written Communication to Customers

Documents that are sent to customers must be clear and concise. Employees need to learn to write so that customers clearly understand the message - and comply with what is needed without additional letters, phone calls, and questions. Beginning with an examination of documents being sent to customers, employees will be given specific customized training in essential business writing skills


  • The organization will receive specific feedback after examination of documents that are being sent to their customers
  • Customized training will be developed and delivered based on the specific messages you need to send
  • Employees will receive individual coaching and feedback that will improve their skills.
  • Immediate templates available with consistency in style and format

Public Records Management

Provides innovative and comprehensive records and information management services necessary to meet the challenges of the information age. This customized information management approach provides clients with the most effective and efficient solutions for your records and information management needs. It includes: (1) comprehensive records and information management planning, (2) records retention services, (3) disposition services, (4) e-mail management, (5) training, (6) policy/procedures manual, (7) facilities management, (8) compliance monitoring


  • The FL Department of State estimates the elimination of up to half a million tons of paper a year!
  • Eliminate paper collection and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in storage and related administrative costs

Human Resource Strategies

Employee Compensation Management Solutions includes pay surveys and studies to benchmark current company pay strategies against those of their peers.

Human Resources Functional Assessment through HR Metrics allows a better understanding of how the functions of HR bring value to the organization and what the return on investment is for some HR programs

General Employee Relations Guidance includes consultations on recent employment law changes, designing employee policies and procedures, and conducting local market research on HR practice.


  • These solutions make client companies’ workforce more productive and more engaged, and;
  • Business becomes more profitable.


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