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Institute of Government

Institute of Government

Customized In-House Training


Training SessionIf you have a large staff or a group of employees that need training in a specific topic(s), customized, in-house training may be the most cost-effective solution for your organization. Our trainers/consultants will tailor the training content to your internal organizational needs and bring it to your staff, and to your worksite or any off-site location of choice. Every year, the Institute of Government delivers approximately 200 customized, in-house professional development programs in southwest Florida; that is about 24,000 training contact hours a year! All of the courses on our current schedule of workshops are available to you, in-house. For your convenience, we have a list of workshop topics with descriptions/learning outcomes that we routinely offer our clients. If you don’t see a topic that matches your needs, we can help you design a program with your desired structure and outcomes -  that is relevant to your organization’s products, services and needs.

With customized, in-house professional development trainings you are guaranteed more choice, more control and better results – a cost-effective solution with:

  • Updated, competitive course content
  • Your organizations’ goals, objectives, activities, assessments
  • Top-notch professional trainers, consultants, coachers, speakers
  • Class size limit at your discretion to obtain desirable interaction, practical application and retention
  • Timeframes that are workable for your personnel; workshop length based upon planned activities, and learning outcomes.
  • Sessions can be single day or multiple, half-day or full day
  • A hands-on experience
  • Free 30-day follow-up to assess implementation of ideas
  • Monitored ratings of trainer presentation
  • The convenience of accommodating your times of choice, whether it is day, evening or weekends


For more information, call (239) 425-3273, e-mail or
complete and submit this convenient , on-line form detailing your specific needs.