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Featured Workshops


The Institute of Government at FGCU offers training and professional development workshops year round.  The majority are customized and brought in house to organizations interested in acquiring new skills or enhancing their current ones.  These programs are offered in full and half day formats in order to meet the varying needs and busy schedules of our clients.  You’ll find some of our most frequently requested workshops listed below.

In addition, IOG offers multi-day certification programs, conferences, coaching, and technical assistance - all of which can be customized and brought to your site to meet your internal learning and development needs/goals.

Call Joanne Hartke, Director, at 239.425.3273, to discuss how IOG can bring our services directly to you!

Certified Public Manager 1-8



CPM 2-7




For more information contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Code Enforcement Certification

Call for information regarding Code 4 class in Naples

12th Annual Administrative Professional's Day Conference

April 25, 2017, 8am - 4pm
Cohen Center at FGCU

For more information contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Executive Leadership Program

This program provides top level executives and managers the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to better lead their organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Session 1:

  • Creating and leading a culture of innovation-an introspective look at leadership styles and values and how to create an innovation mindset and culture within the organization.

Session 2:

  • Managing the high performance organization

Session 3:

  • Applying lean principles-reducing the seven wastes, identifying value-added and non-value added activities, improving through-put, and increasing financial stability.

Session 4:

  • Formulating and executing business strategies

Session 5:

  • Leadership strategies for the 21st century

Session 6:

  • Marketing strategies for improved customer service

Session 7:

  • Review of the latest motivational tools and methods for increasing employee performance.

Session 8:

  • Driving and managing organizational change

Session 9:

  • Developing a high performance work team

Session 10:

  • Motivating yourself and the people who report to you

Session 11:

  • Managing organizational conflicts

Each class meets weekly for three hours.

For more information contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Lean Sigma Training

What is meant by Lean?

Lean focuses on identifying, reducing, and eventually eliminating wasteful and non-value added activities within an organization. By applying lean principles, an organization is able to increase its through-put, reduce waste and costs, and improve its profitability while at the same time increasing its customer satisfaction and improving its own employees' satisfaction. Waste is anything that is not absolutely necessary to add value to the product or service being offered.
Lean strives to create systems and processes utilizing the least amount of resources including people, equipment, material and inventories, budget, and facilities. The success of lean is highly dependent on its principles being understood by all employees and those employees being involved in its applications.

What is Six Sigma?

Six sigma is about reducing variation in every process and eliminating errors. It starts by asking fundamental question: "What is critical to our customers?" and then concentrates on ensuring the organization's products and/or services meets those critical needs each and every time.

Florida Gulf Coast University is the leader in providing lean sigma training in southwest Florida. We use local trainers who are experts in their various fields and are familiar with the regional area and who have many years of experiences in working with a broad array of businesses and organizations.

The course will provide each participant's project a cost savings, revenue increases, and/or cost avoidance of over $35,000 black belt, green belt, yellow belt, and white belt.

For more information contact

Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or

Dealing with angry and Difficult People

This program, offered in a four hour format, shows various ways of dealing with angry and difficult people.

Presented by Dr. David Kelley, the program starts with discussing how to resolve conflict by confronting the problem—but not the person.  There will be several role plays on de-escalating an angry encounter.

After reviewing with the group the results of the survey, the presenter will discuss how to resolve conflict by confronting the problem—but not the person.  There will be several role plays on deescalating an angry encounter.

Participants will learn how to effectively confront a personal or organizational conflict and to develop a resolution to that conflict without exacerbating the situation or falling into the trap of blaming.  The presenter also covers how to avoid escalating an angry encounter that is very practical and ends with a role play that locks the learning in for the participants.

This will be followed with a very hands on practical section acquaint participants with the elements of Transactional Analysis, especially where it stresses communicating from the "adult" and not "parent to child."

For over 25 years, Dr. David Kelley has taught a course on “Dealing with Angry and Difficult People.”  He also provides anger management for people under court orders for the Domestic Violence Division of the 20th circuit.  Dr. Kelley has worked with the Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and Sanibel police departments, as well as the Lee, Collier, and Charlotte county sheriffs’ offices.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive a certificate.

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Project Management Training

project management trainingVery often organizations are assigning managers and staff personnel to manage a variety of projects.  These projects can vary from re-designing and installing a new computer system, selecting and installing a new piece of equipment, developing and implementing a system to measure customer satisfaction, or any number of types of projects.  These projects can last for a few days to several months.

Project management is much different than regular management. Project management entails completing a specific set of tasks, within a specified period of time, with a clearly defined budget and with limited assigned resources.

This Project Management Training Program is divided into two parts.  The morning session is centered around the planning and scheduling of the project and the afternoon session focuses on implementing and closing out the project.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive a certificate.

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Building Influential Relationships

You have no doubt noticed that most successful people are also likeable people. This is especially true in the world of business where a "hard sell" is less effective in the long run.

Relationship building is key to any occupation; it's a fact that people will elect, support, and gravitate toward those who convey positive, constructive traits. These are individuals who usually do more listening than talking; can be introverts as well as extraverts; and know that trust is a key factor in any relationship.

You will gain not only insight into your skill sets, but also practical, clear strategies for increasing your communication talent.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Identify the 8 rules of likeability and how these apply to you
  • Assess your own personal communication/interpersonal style
  • Recognize and be able to handle customer and co-worker concerns and objections
  • Practice the art of conversation and trust building

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Bullying Prevention and Civility in the Workplace

bullying prevention and civilityThere has been an ever-increasing amount of national attention focusing on the issue of bullying and incivility in the workplace, especially in light of recent economic difficulties. While bullying may not always be detected easily, it leads to employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity and frequent absences. Organizations must learn how to quickly deal with issues associated with bullying so that escalation into violence is less likely to happen. Our instructor/trainer is certified in bullying prevention through Clemson University.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Learn to identify types and examples of bullying, incivility and harassment the workplace
  • Learn and practice the steps for effectively handling a "bully"
  • Be able to evaluate industry-specific cases of bullying
  • Participate in skills practices using targeted communication skills
  • Develop necessary policies and procedures for effectively handling of bullies

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Manager's Motivation Tool Kit: Bringing Out the Best in Others

The role of supervisor is changing from hard-line autocratic to one that is more facilitative and collaborative.

If you are like most supervisors and managers you are now asked to deal with higher-level decision making, therefore needing to delegate an ever-increasing number of tasks to staff.

This seminar will help you provide more opportunities for growth and learning for your employees while ensuring necessary productivity.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Identify the steps to performance management
  • Recognize the five roles of coaching
  • Create a workplace environment of clarity for expectations
  • Develop a personal action plan for motivating others
  • Explore the concept of motivation and positive reinforcement
  • Practice a simulated coaching/feedback session

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Discover Your Inner Genius: Innovative Thinking and Organizational Problem Solving

One of the most prized characteristics in today's workplace is innovative problem solving -- more specifically, the ability to find new solutions to long-time problems.

This action-packed seminar is designed to give you a boost to maintain a high level of productivity when "fuzzy thinking" occasionally creeps in.

You will learn a step-by-step model that takes you from choosing which issues and concerns to tackle to reaching an effective decision for improving your productivity.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Laser-in on the most favorable workplace issues for problem solving
  • Self-assess your creativity quotient and problem solving style
  • Practice metaphorical thinking and analogies
  • Identify advanced methods for generating ideas
  • Reach appropriate decisions and formulate a blueprint for action

For more information about this program, contactJoanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Secrets to Providing Outstanding Customer Service

Whether you call them customers, guests, or clients, these people are the reason you are in business. Even though the customer is not "always right," they are your customers, and the challenge is to find ways to answer their questions and solve their problems. You'll leave this fast-paced program with a renewed effort to work with all types of customers - even those who can be difficult.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Learn to identify the main elements involved in creating customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Explore the verbal and non-verbal techniques you can use to make you shine
  • Develop a strategy for handling upset and angry customers
  • Practice effective telephone skills when handling customer complaints

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Save a Meeting, Save Your Sanity! Facilitation Skills for Team and Meeting Leaders

Meetings are the lifeblood in the workplace. Instead of guesswork or winging it, learn results-oriented skills to boost the productivity and success of your meetings.

In this program you will practice meeting roles, questioning techniques and specialized communication skills that will be instantly useful.

In this hands-on workshop you will participate in a meeting simulation using real-world examples from your workplace, assess your facilitation style, explore practical strategies for decision making, and develop proficiency in 12 communication skills which are the cornerstone for productive meetings.

You will leave with renewed confidence that meetings and problem-solving sessions can be time efficient and useful.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Differentiate between the role of meeting facilitator and supervisor/manager
  • Assess facilitation skills and style o Identify effective meeting roles: facilitator, recorder, team leader
  • Develop effective action-oriented agendas
  • Rehearse 5 types of productive questions
  • Practice 12 communication skills for meetings
  • Participate in a simulation team meeting

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


The Game Plan for Team Development

Teams are excellent because of good, solid planning. Participants will complete this session with a detailed set of steps and strategies for enhancing the performance of existing teams and for developing new teams from the ground up.

Emphasis will be placed on practical, ready-to-use ideas that can be put in place immediately, including ways to "rebalance" an off-course team. "Low ropes" indoor or outdoor activities are optional.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Identify characteristics of high performing teams and team members
  • Develop a clear, motivational statement of purpose
  • Recognize the role each team member plays during decision making
  • Practice communication skills that increase the chances of positive team action and conclusions.

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Transform Your Future: Finding Your Own True North

Are you in the driver's seat … or passenger seat of your life? Transform your future by designing your own personal roadmap and GPS system…Goals Performance Strategies.

Similar to GPS systems, our careers, bodies and minds are continually developing and we expect them to be accurate, precise, last longer, perform better, and be in top working condition.

And, just like the GPS, it sometimes takes more than simple instructions for us to be peak performers and to feel authentic, balanced, and in prime condition for the long road ahead.

Success requires communication, networking with people and systems, an ability to see errors and re-adjust, looking for and fixing blocked signals, and always keeping the purpose of the "trip" in focus.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Reaffirm your purpose and mission
  • Assess and maximize your personal power and resilience
  • Construct challenging, yet manageable performance goals
  • Discover ways to achieve balance in your life - physically, intellectually, and emotionally
  • Practice simple, yet effective physical exercises to improve stamina

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or


Speaking with Confidence and Credibility

Being perceived as a leader has everything to do with face-to-face contact with our superiors, colleagues, subordinates, clients and the public. Every week there are dozens of times you are expected to convey vital information and decisions to others.

This fast-paced seminar will provide time-tested strategies for confidently expressing your thoughts and ideas, even when called upon at the last minute. The class is focused, to-the-point, and hands on. Each participant will practice several on-your-feet techniques.

Bring a topic, and a few supporting facts, to develop into a powerful presentation with video feedback. Due to the high participation factor, class size is limited to 16 people.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Learn the 5 C's - clarity, confidence, credibility, control, creativity
  • Manage vital non-verbal techniques - voice, stance, gestures
  • Handle questions using methods such as bridging and boomeranging
  • Use appropriate of anecdotes and humor o Integrate the most-up-to-date skills from Improv™ theater - & overcome anxiety

The instructor of this course draws upon 24 years as a professional speaker, trainer and management consultant, as well as stage experience, to immerse you in tried-and-true dynamic speaking skills. She is also a graduate of the SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando.

Her approach will help you discover that your comfort zone is larger than you previously thought.

For more information about this program, contact Joanne Hartke at (239) 425-3273 or