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Interpersonal Skills


Accepting Differences...Diversity in the Workplace

The American workforce is becoming more and more diverse every year. Along with this increasing diversity comes an increase in “cultural collisions” … conflicts between people who are different from each other. The goal of this workshop is to learn to appreciate the differences between people and how to better handle the cultural collisions that do occur.


  • Understand, respect and value differences
  • Approach conflicts
  • Enhance teamwork and productivity through more effective working relationships

Communicating with Impact...How to be Taken Seriously

Everyday there are dozens of opportunities in the workplace to use communication and listening skills to your advantage - with customers, co-workers and managers. Learn to move past communication barriers in order to obtain better results through greater cooperation. This workshop promotes projecting confidence, listening, and visibility skills which can produce more meaningful and clearer understandings between people and the visibility that lends you greater credibility to be taken more seriously.


  • Learn value-guided communication
  • Have impact in meetings and presentations
  • Deal with difficult people & situations
  • Maintain your composure under pressure
  • Learn the 30 second message  

 Communication Survival Skills for Women

The future has never looked better for women pursuing professional and personal achievement…especially when equipped with the right plan, the right tools and the right attitude. This hands-on workshop is designed to give you powerful tools to persuade and influence others - and avoid common pitfalls that can side track your career.


  • Be assertive without being pushy
  • Get your message heard, not just said
  • Understand the different ways men and women communicate
  • Get credit for your ideas
  • Be able to think on your feet
  • Discover ways to boost your professional image
  • Eliminate power-robbing speech habits
  • Handle difficult people and situations with ease

Coping at the Speed of Change . . . Managing Stress Effectively

The American lifestyle changes so rapidly it sometimes feels like it could spin out of control. The reality is that we all need to be able to cope better with fast and constant change without forfeiting a healthy life balance. In this relaxing program you will learn how to slow things down on a regular basis ... to gain a better perspective on life, facilitate better problem solving, and protect you physically from the ravages of stress.


  • How to pull yourself back from your "stress cliff" to limit the physical impact of stress
  • Identify (and practice) the four basic ways to channel your stress energy
  • Determine the relationship between how you perceive stress and how much you have
  • Challenge your perceptions to reduce stress
  • Channel normal emotional reactions to change so you can prepare better for those that confront you

Creating Optimism in the Workplace

The workplace is often a stressful, pressure-filled environment with ten hours of work to complete in an eight-hour day. There are psychological and physiological benefits derived when optimism is used rather than allowing negativity to dominate. And, there is ample research to back up the claim that happier people are more productive people. Be ready to participate, laugh and find first hand the uplifting experience that humor and optimism can bring.


  • Ways to inject optimism and positive humor into your everyday routine.
  • Way to produce a more stress-free environment
  • Strategies for solving problems in stressful conditions
  • Communication techniques that plant optimistic seeds in the workplace
  • How humor and optimism can help you become a more productive employee

Customer Service Excellence ... The Winning Formula

If your job involves frequent contact with the public, this seminar will help you perform your job with greater ease and will lead to improved customer satisfaction.


  • Be able to effectively respond to complaints that result in a satisfied customer
  • Learn to listen with empathy and communicate using positive body language
  • Develop telephone skills that win over customers
  • Understand the words to use and not to use to maximize your effectiveness with customers
  • Know the five basic needs of customers and how to not just meet but to exceed them

Dealing With Difficult People

Do you ever find yourself confronted by an angry or difficult person? How can you stay productive and positive when handling someone who just rubs you the wrong way? This workshop will help you to understand the dynamics of conflict, why people often act as they do and how to stay in control of your reaction to their behavior.


  • Learn how to confront conflict
  • Understand how you interact with the difficult person who works for you
  • Disagree without anger
  • Identify your own “hot buttons”
  • Give and receive criticism effectively

Essentials of Professional Telephone Skills

Every phone call or contact with a customer creates an image in the caller’s mind of you and the organization you represent. You may be called upon to play a number of different roles. It is a big responsibility, compounded by the fact that you must establish trust, build relationships and make a lasting impression. This workshop gives you tools and techniques to use that will help you perform your job with greater ease.


  • Create a positive telephone image with a “can-do” attitude
  • Ensure communication is a two-way process
  • Identify the benefits of telephone professionalism
  • Respond to angry and negativity more effectively
  • Understand the impressions we give by our tone of voice, body language, and choice or words
  • Listen, the most important skill of all!!
  • Return calls with greater confidence

Getting Results Through Effective Communications & Listening

Every day there are dozens of opportunities in the workplace to use communication and listening skills to your advantage – with customers, co-workers and managers. In this seminar you will learn to move past the communication barriers in order to obtain better results and relationships. This workshop promotes listening, advocacy and inquiry skills, which can produce more meaningful and clearer understandings between people in the workplace.


  • Clarify the purpose of meaningful communication
  • Identify the specific skills necessary for dialoguing
  • Distinguish between differences of opinion and conflict
  • Assess your listening skills
  • Identify appropriate learning modes of the listener: visual, auditory, kinesthetic
  • Practice communication techniques

How to Improve Memory

Everything you wanted to know about memory, but forgot to ask! Spending too much time looking for your keys? Do names escape you? Having trouble finding the work you want? How many times do we hear others share their frustration with these common memory pitfalls? How many times do we experience these changes in our own memory? The workshop presents intriguing overview of how memory works and provides insights into what causes forgetting and how age and emotions affect memory. Dr. Beckwith will give you effective, easy to use, and practical techniques to improve memory and function better at work and at home.


  • Discuss the different types of memory and how they impact our functioning
  • Learn to manage five (5) behaviors that increase the likelihood of forgetting
  • Master at least ten (10) different memory aids that work
  • Describe how stress and emotions influence memory
  • Develop practical and proactive plans to reduce the effects of aging on memory

Networking for Results

Maximize your business by getting other people to market for you. How does this work? Networking. It’s more than just handing out business cards and hoping people will call. Networking is about building business relationships and partnerships. Discover the keys to establishing successful networking skills in this program.


  • 5 words guaranteed to start a conversation
  • Get people to ask for your business card
  • Handle introductions with ease
  • 3 secrets to effectively follow-up with your contacts
  • Develop a 30 second marketing mission  

Resolving Conflict Successfully

How you deal with conflict on the job can determine your level of success and job satisfaction. This is a workshop designed to help personnel develop an awareness of their style of handling conflicts and what they might do to become more effective in achieving compromises.


  • Strengthen relationships through open communication strategies
  • Confront others successfully for a rapid solution
  • Dissipate anger and not allow it to build up
  • Objectively look at both sides of a situation
  • Develop a win-win philosophy

Sexual Harassment Issues

Sexual harassment is one of the most volatile, and potentially costly, personnel issues of our times. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for inappropriate behavior. This workshop will help you develop a work climate that encourages respect for self and others, and discourages sexual harassment.


  • The legal definition of sexual harassment
  • How to investigate a sexual harassment claim properly
  • What information do you need to protect against litigation
  • The difference between personal harassment and hostile environment
  • Elements of an internal policy statement
  • How to handle harassment if it happens to you
  • How to respond appropriately as a supervisor