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Institute of Government

Institute of Government



Executive Leadership Development Series for Non-Profits

The Executive Leadership Development Series is a hands-on exploration of the policy-level perspective required of Executive Directors of non-profits. The Series will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself and your organization for continued growth and success. Series attendance is required. Sessions are typically held one half-day per month for 6 months but schedule is flexible - the series could be set up for once per month for 12 months. Below is a typical list of programs included in the series.


  • Leadership and Management Essentials
  • Effective Communication and Listening Skills
  • Personnel Management Issues
  • Essentials of Budget and Finance
  • Successful Fundraising and Marketing
  • Board and Volunteer Management
  • Strategic Planning Model
  • Internal Management
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Media Relations
  • Effective Presentations
  • Demographics and Environmental Scanning  


Funders are increasingly supporting small and large scale community coalitions in response to societal needs. Funders also want to be assured that initiatives are sustainable. Successful organizational and community capacity building relies upon bringing together the collective wisdom, skills, tools and resources of the community-at-large. In an era of competitive fundraising, it benefits the community to come together toward common goals.  Additional initiatives such as building community awareness and improving outcomes for federal grant proposals are critical to the process.


  • Understand the key elements of any society and how to blend them for positive change.
  • Identify methods to engage the community at large
  • Understand how to access federal grant announcements.

Grant Writing for Success ... Show Me the Money!

In this very competitive funding environment, we all need ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET to secure much needed funding. This course is designed for all levels of development professionals…but you need not be a development professional to attend. In fact, most fundraising staff are likely pushed to their maximum capability, so anyone interested in helping an organization or community increase its successful fundraising will benefit from attending. Many of us hesitate to write a proposal simply because we are too busy, want it to be perfect, don’t know how to get started…there is no better time than now! 


  • Understanding the different types of grant funding and funding authorities
  • Learning best practices for each of the funding types
  • Clarifying the importance of research, analysis and due diligence
  • Building a relationship with a program and/or grant officer
  • Writing the Letter of Inquiry – problem statement – program narrative - budget
  • Understanding Logic Models, Performance Measures, and Outcomes
  • Initiating Collaborations, Coalitions, Support Letters and Memoranda of Understanding
  • Managing the relationship, reporting and compliance

    Participants will receive tools, resources, guidelines, best practices, and check-lists to utilize in their daily work.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

Do you find your staff running short on time and energy? Are there goals and programs your organization has had to forfeit because you needed outside expertise or additional help? Learn how to develop a dependable workforce of volunteers that not only enhances your organization but accelerates its purpose.


  • Recruitment strategies
  • Ten steps to empowerment (and dedicated workers)
  • Orientation meetings and follow-up
  • Providing feedback and open communication

Working Effectively with the Board of Directors

The board governs the life of the organization. The staff is accountable to carry out the day-to-day operations. How do the two coordinate and not create friction? Learn to compliment and encourage one another while developing a team relationship.


  • Board and organizational life cycles
  • Increase board involvement
  • Functions of a leader
  • How to find out why something is happening