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Institute of Government

Institute of Government

Other Topics


Building Solid Media Relations

Do you want to develop a greater understanding of how to work as a partner with the media? This workshop will help address how to get your needs met while working within the parameters of local media sources.


  • Gain an understanding of the reporter’s job, his deadlines, amount of space he has to fill, how the media pick the stories they want to pursue.
  • Press release basics (good headlines, best time to send, how far in advance, how to get noticed)
  • Deadline questions over the phone or in person: how to field, do homework on and answer high-pressure questions on deadline
  • How to present events in a way that will ensure coverage
  • What makes a good story; how TV reporters differ from a print reporter
  • Develop a relationship with the media in good times and bad
  • How to refuse with grace when caught off-guard by a TV camera
  • Briefings and backgrounders: how to keep your leadership in the loop on media activities

Computer Applications

Any computer application your company may be interested in can be customized to meet your company's needs and can be provided on-site at your workplace. Excellent trainers are available to meet with you. Call Joanne Hartke at (239) 590-7815 for more details.


    The following programs are available at all levels from beginner to expert. If you don't see what you are interested in, please ask.
  • Windows
  • Internet & Email
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • Tablet PC   

Managing Media & Public Relations

Learn how to develop a communication plan for your business or organization and the role that public relations has in helping you succeed in this workshop led by one of Southwest Florida’s leading public relations professionals.


  • Understand and create strategies for utilizing the news media to help grow your organization; influence public opinion; and/or generate change
  • Increase expertise for issuing written or verbal press releases and other communiqués
  • Write the perfect press release or guest opinion piece
  • Recognize and act upon opportunities to showcase your organization or campaign
  • Cultivate relationships with professionals in the news media and elsewhere
  • Understand and respond appropriately to “the ambush interview”
  • Use deadlines to your advantage
  • Create a press kit on any budget

Marketing and Public Relations Strategies

Learn how to develop a marketing plan for your business or organization and the role that public relations has in helping you succeed in this day-long workshop led by one of Southwest Florida’s leading marketing professionals.


  • Difference between marketing and public relations
  • Elements of the “Marketing Mix”
  • The importance of a marketing audit
  • 10 inexpensive ways to improve your public relations
  • Do’s and don’ts of working with the media
  • 27 ways to keep your business or organization in the limelight

Who Moved My Cheese?

This workshop is based on the #1 best selling book Who Moved My Cheese?, written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, one of the world’s acknowledged experts on management. Participants will discover how to deal with, and help employees cope with change.


  • How to save time by planning ahead
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Give people an enjoyable way to thrive in times of personal & professional change

Workplace Spanish for Beginners

Knowledge of Spanish can lead to better customer relations, increased sales and expanded markets. The small-group sessions designed especially for the communication needs of business professionals, will be tailored to the specific interests of individual participants. This two-part, eight-hour course will provide participants with a working knowledge of spoken Spanish.


  • Greet Spanish-speaking clients and introduce people
  • Provide basic instructions
  • Take and give phone messages
  • Set appointments
  • Assist with filling out forms