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Institute of Government

Institute of Government

Professional Development


A Systematic Approach to Getting Organized

There never seems to be enough time and resources to meet demands and expectations. Workloads and the pressure to perform can make even the most organized person feel frustrated and overwhelmed.


  • Determine how and when to delegate
  • Manage unnecessary interruptions
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself and others
  • Establish and meet goals and objectives on your terms

Building Influential Relationships .... Would You Want You as a friend?

You have probably noticed that most successful people are also likeable people. This is especially true in the world of business where a “hard sell” is less effective in the long run. Relationship building is key to any occupation; it’s a fact that people will elect, buy from, and gravitate toward those who convey positive, constructive traits. These are individuals who usually do more listening than talking; can be introverts as well as extraverts; and know that trust is a key factor in any relationship. You will gain not only insight into your skill sets, but also practical, clear strategies for increasing your communication talent.

So remember  -  in customer decisions, you are more important than the product or the service!


  • Identifying the 8 rules of likeability
  • Assessing personal communication/interpersonalstyle
  • Recognizing and handling customer concerns and objections
  • Practicing the art of conversation and trust building

How to be Assertive ... Without Being Pushy

Would you like to have more confidence in yourself and in your professional relationships? Do you want to be taken more seriously and to be perceived as more promotable? Whether you are too hesitant or the opposite, too blunt, you can benefit from assertive communication skills. Learn to deal better with people at work...and at home.


  • Learn the difference between assertive, aggressive, passive, & passive-aggressive styles
  • What it really means to build rapport
  • Learn skills to speak more authoritatively with those who have greater organizational power
  • Deal more effectively with manipulative people
  • Develop strategies to improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn many assertive skills to use in different situations and practice them in class!

Inspiring Peak Performance as a Leader

Leaders constantly strive to find the right balance that will result in the greatest performance from their employees. Would you prefer to be called an excellent leader or an excellent manager, and why? This question, and many others, will be addressed in this workshop to help you enhance your current strengths and develop additional strategies for success.



Cultivating Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

One of the most prized characteristics in today’s workplace is creativity - more specifically the ability to find new solutions to long-time baffling problems. This requires a mindset, which moves past risk-free thinking into new and innovative modes. This action-packed seminar is designed to give you a boost to maintain a high level of productivity when “fuzzy thinking” occasionally creeps in. Here is your opportunity to recharge your batteries by focusing on creative problem-solving and innovative thinking.


  • How to harness resistance to change
  • How to self-assess your problem-solving style
  • How to find acceptance for your plans
  • About metaphorical thinking and analogies
  • Advanced methods for generating ideas

Enhance Employee Productivity through Healthy Habits

Research shows that what, how and when you eat can influence your mental and physical performance. Since most of us spend an average of 8–10 hours per day on the job, wouldn’t it make sense to do what is in your control to perform at your best? Are there times of the day when you feel particularly sluggish and tired, or times when you are “wired” and don’t know why? Join us for this workshop and learn how to eat right for optimal performance at work and at home.


  • How to eat healthy on the run (fast food, at your desk, etc.)
  • Do “brain foods”/supplements/vitamins really work
  • What exercises can be done at the desk to relieve body stress
  • How does our diet affect our performance, mentally and physically
  • Which foods digest quickly/slowly
  • Discuss current diets in the marketplace and their impact
  • Reduce absenteeism through improved overall health

FISH! Experience, The

A Seattle fish market is inspiring organizations worldwide and thousands are adopting its vital message. In this incredible workplace, employees don’t just fill orders, they fill people with fun, friendliness, attentiveness, and enthusiasm. The FISH! Philosophy has become an extraordinary international phenomenon and it will change how you view work! Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to work each day.


  • Learn to become truly connected to your work
  • Learn to become connected to your colleagues and to customers
  • Learn the tools needed to lead people toward creating an incredible workplace

Life Balance...Stress and Time Management

Every day we make decisions that affect how we spend our time and energy. It seems that there is more and more to do and less time to do it all in. Through understanding our priorities we can start making decisions that align us with our truest values and balance our time and energy in all areas of life. As we move closer to achieving our balance goals, we will experience the benefits of greater focus and productivity in our work and home life, as well as improved relationships.


  • Live a life of meaning: positive values & priorities
  • Balance and boundaries: when to say yes, when to say no
  • Identify changes you want to make to find more balance
  • Direct your stress energy to achieve greater mind/body balance
  • Assess your life with the Life Balance Wheel
  • Create a workable plan of action through Quiet Mind Writing

 Managing Multiple Priorities

There never seems to be enough time and resources to meet the demands and expectations. Workloads and the pressure to perform can make even the most organized person feel frustrated and overwhelmed.


  • Analyze your own needs and learn how to work with others to identify ways to handle competing priorities
  • Learn how to handle interruptions and requests for help in ways that build or maintain good relationships
  • Clarify expectations for tasks that must be performed
  • Decide when to delegate or hand off tasks and how to do this effectively

Moving from Burnout to Career Renewal

Do you dread getting up and going to work in the morning? Do you live for Friday and the weekend? Is Wednesday really hump day? This seminar will provide you the tools to transform your career to one you are excited and enthused about. Learn what skills you need, and how to obtain them and put them to work for you.


  • Discover what is really wrong with your career
  • Learn how to adjust your thinking to cope better
  • Find out what skills are really needed in today’s environment
  • Learn how to get those skills
  • Decide the best way to get credit for your hard work
  • Become the best advertiser of your worth
  • Decide if it’s time to leave your current job
  • Learn how to find/create the perfect job for you

Moving On Up...Taking Control of Your Career

Does this sound like you? “I have a great job and I would really like to move up or into another position within my company. However, I never seem to be able to position myself to be considered when opportunities arises.” If so, this workshop can help you learn how you can take control of your future and how you can position yourself to be in the right place at the right time.


  • Understand yourself as a product
  • Gain visibility within an organization
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Market the “Promotable Me”

Power of Commitment, The

How can you say “Thank You” for the hard work and behind-the-scene support that your Administrative Professionals provide every day of the year in order to keep your office and organization running smoothly? Provide a” full day conference – a day filled with learning, networking, renewed commitment to work and self, and lots of fun. Give a gift that shows you value the dedication, problem solving and enthusiasm they bring to the job every day.


  • Figure out what you want from your job
  • Discover how to get there
  • Find how to recognize your strengths
  • Make a plan of action
  • Make sure you are headed in the right direction
  • Create more harmony through the Wheel of Life and Wellness Wheel
  • Balance your stress energy to limit the damage of stress and to increase your energy
  • Find congruency in personality traits
  • Move from your emotional brain to your thinking brain
  • Make yourself a priority on your own to-do list

Powerful Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

Most surveys show that public speaking is one of the greatest fears of managers. A presentation is a great opportunity to inform, persuade, and lead, and is one of the keys to success in any field. Whether you are addressing a staff meeting, a council or commission meeting, a community group, or a training class, this seminar will help you alleviate this fear and/or further refine your skills.


  • Understand the positive and negative aspects of nervousness
  • Determine the purpose of the presentation
  • Learn how to research your audience in advance
  • Focus on your preferred outcome
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm
  • Prepare and organize your material
  • Control the communication process
  • Project confidence  

PracticalSolutions for Improving Memory

Do you ever feel like there’s something you’ve forgotten to do, but you can’t remember what it is for the life of you? Or, you see someone out in public whose face looks familiar but you can’t remember his/her name? Perhaps right in the middle of a conversation you are searching for a word…and it’s right on the tip of your tongue…but that’s as far as it goes? Then you need to join us for this half day workshop that will focus on sharpening those “remembering skills”. We know that positive interpersonal relationship skills are what makes us successful in business and in life. What can we do right now to improve our memory skills and help insure that success?


  • Learn how to quit trying to remember and start planning to remember better
  • Create strategies to manage those "when" and "what” to do’s
  • Practice techniques to improve memory for names
  • Identify strategies for maintaining a healthy brain and efficient memory
  • Develop 5-step personal action plan for continued memory improvement

Projecting Personal Excellence

Every once in awhile you meet people whose work is inspired. They work with enthusiasm. They appear to care genuinely about what they are doing, the people with whom they work, and the people they serve. They express a joy that seems to come from deep within. It's not forced. When you meet such people you realize their work is consistent with their purpose. They have personal excellence. Who are these people and how did they get what they have? Personal Excellence is about you. Come and learn the steps to discovering excellence in the work you do.


  • Your behavioral style & the style of others
  • Roles and unique qualities of today's leaders
  • Assessment tools for you and your team
  • How to manage change
  • Develop your staff
  • Delegate effectively
  • Motivation - yours and your work teams
  • Communication, attitude, and much more!

Speak Up! How to say what's on your mind...without losing friends or your job

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where there is something you really want or need to say to someone but you don’t know how to do so gracefully? Have you ever thought that if he/she says or does something one more time you’re going to explode? Would you like to learn how to confront someone’s behavior or attitude in a constructive, win/win manner? If so, this workshop will help you to open up the lines of communication and provide you with some skills to do so productively.


  • How to tell a team member that they're not carrying their load
  • How to make suggestions/confront your boss constructively
  • Tell someone something embarrassing (ex: they have spinach in their teeth)
  • Discuss a person's annoying personal habit…if it can be changed
  • Tell someone to "stop talking” without them being offended
  • Give bad news…without being shot as the messenger

Staying Positive No Matter What

We all want to be successful and happy, but sometimes feel that there are just too many roadblocks to effectively meet that goal. This seminar will give you some tools and time-proven techniques to help stay positive and fight those negative feelings and behaviors.


  • Develop techniques to fight negativism
  • Understanding the psychology of positive thinking
  • Demonstrate the value and appropriate use of humor in the workplace




Winning at Sales Series

Are your sales activities generating the anticipated results? Are you reaching the decision makers and understanding their needs? If your answers to these questions are not a resounding "yes", this series will help you get there!

This four (4) session series focuses on:  

* Creating a sales ATTITUDE
* PROSPECTING those who want to Buy your products and services
* IDENTIFYING and understanding the Buying/Selling process
* Learn to ask EFFECTIVE questions


Part 1

  • Success in sales - what it takes
  • Personal and professional growth - an assessment
  • Understanding the buying and selling process

    Part 2

  • Planning your success
  • Communication skills
  • Getting appointments

    Part 3

  • Gaining favorable attention
  • Discovering wants and needs
  • Presenting benefits and consequences

    Part 4:

    • Review of action plan to achieve sales goals
    • Closing the sales and the series