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Frequently Asked Questions

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An international student I know would like to attend FGCU. Who can help them?

All prospective international students should contact the Admissions Office (undergraduate or graduate) and follow the procedures for International Student Admission.

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Do you have someone available to assist with language translation?

Our office maintains information on students or other resource persons who may be able to assist with language translations (documents or conversations). The languages vary. There is no charge for this service and immigration regulations may prohibit payment to a student for providing this service. However, students may be eligible for service learning hours and can gain interesting experience and involvement in our community while performing translation services. If you are in need of translations, we recommend you contact the International Services Office to discuss your needs and we can advise you accordingly.

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I’d like to invite or host a professional colleague from abroad for academic and cultural exchange. How do I proceed?

FGCU is permitted to sponsor foreign national students and scholars as professors, researchers, short-term scholars, or specialists under the US Department of State Exchange Visitor Program. You must identify the potential exchange visitor, communicate with him/her to prepare an application and related documents, and coordinate with the International Services Office to formally request FGCU to sponsor your colleague. Detailed instructions, forms and information on your responsibilities are found at Exchange Visitor Program Attend one of our presentations on “Hosting an Exchange Visitor” to learn more about this program.

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How do I organize and develop a program abroad for FGCU students?

Developing a program abroad can be a long, complex process whether it is for students or professionals, short or long term, for service or academic credit, etc. We can offer some resources and advise on important considerations and processes to follow. Our resources include information on passports, visas, travel sources, health insurance, travel advisories, and inclusion of your program in our information resources to assist in making it available to students. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss your ideas.

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What professional development opportunities abroad can I pursue?

A number of educational and professional opportunities abroad are available through government programs, foundations, research organizations, and non-governmental agencies (such as Fulbright, Rotary International Teaching, US Peace Corps, etc.) Some national and internationally based professional associations offer opportunities to their members. Graduate study, Post-doctoral study and research, and other research, teaching and professional development programs are available. Please take time to review opportunities abroad.

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What are some resources for grants and funding to support international education?

There are some sources of funding for opportunities abroad, although many are tied directly to specific programs with specific objectives and are competitive. Please take time to review grants and funding resources.

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I would like to include a presentation or project in my class that includes an international perspective or speakers. What resources do you have to help me?

We have a number of students and/or colleagues from outside the US who may be available and willing to provide information, be interviewed or help with a class project based on their international experience. Please contact our office to discuss your needs and we will try to determine how we can best support you.

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Are there any international or cultural events on campus?

Yes, each fall we host the Annual International Reception. Each spring we host the International Celebration. Both programs are jointly sponsored with the FGCU International Club. Periodically we offer other programs of an international nature or topic. Please see our Calendar of Events for details.