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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

F Visa Forms

Orientation Forms for F Visa Students

Personal Data Form

FNIF (Foreign National IdentificationForm)

Orientation Evaluation


Forms & Procedures Library for F-1 Visa/Status Students    

Aliens Change Of Address Form AR 11.pdf



Academic Advisor's Recommendation for Program Extension



Admissions Guide for Prospective International Students: 2015-16



CPT (Curricular Practical Training)Request Form



CPT Information Packet



Estimated Educational Expenses for International Students 2015-2016



Reduced Course Load Request Form



Fillable I-765 Form for Employment Authorization



FNIF (Foreign National IdentificationForm)



Financial Support Statement From Sponsor (F-1/J-1 Student Admissions or Program Extension)



Financial Support Verification Form from Financial Institution (F-1/J-1 Student Admissions or Program Extension)



I-94 Record 



I-9 Form for Employment Eligibility in U.S.



International Student Life Cycle (F-1/M-1) Infographic



W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate



Medical Insurance Compliance Form



Optional Practical Training (OPT) Information Packet



OPT-Sample of Personal Letter of Application



Change of Non-Immigrant Status to F-1 Category    
On-Campus Employment Procedure & Applying for a Social Security Number    
OPT STEM 24 Month Extension Information Packet             24-Month STEM OPT Extension Application Checklist    
Personal Data Form: F-1 Student Initial Reporting & Document Processing    

Transfer out of FGCU Request Form



Service Request Form



Financial Statement of Support from Sponsor and Bank Verification



Application for a Social Security Card



Agreement Form to Maintain F-1 Student Status



I-20/Program Extension Recommendation Form for Academic Advisors (Fillable)    
Visa Clearance Transfer in to FGCU Form    
Office of the Registrar Forms