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Faculty-Led Study Abroad

FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad

FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs (FLSA) – FLSA programs are short-term (generally 2 weeks to 2 months) study abroad trips led by FGCU faculty. FLSA programs are designed to study a specific topic. Students earn direct FGCU academic credit for the course. The FGCU International Services Office coordinates applications for and serves as a central hub for information regarding FLSA programs.

Apply now to the following summer 2015 programs:

Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders:  Please feel free to print out the flyers and post them in your area!

FGCU Brazil:  International Justice (application deadline extended to Feb 27)

FGCU Croatia:  Museum Studies (application deadline extended to Feb 27)

FGCU France and UK (England and Scotland): Theatre Adventure Abroad (program full)

FGCU Germany and Austria: Highlights (application deadline extended to Feb 27)

FGCU Greece:  Traditional Culture and Cuisine of Crete and Mediterranean Diet Concepts

FGCU Bahamas: Tropical Island Biology (application deadline March 1)

Past Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs:


Costa Rica Research Experience (Fall 2014)

European -Germany, Austria, Czech Republic- Choir Tour (Summer 2014)

European -France and Spain- Hospitality (Summer 2014)

Singapore Sustainability (Summer 2014)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2014)

Bahamas Environmental Change (Summer 2014)

Ghana Social Work (Summer 2014)

Hungary Education Internships (Spring 2014)

Caribbean Cruiseline Operations and Management (Fall 2013)

Costa Rica Food, Ecology, and Sustainability (Summer 2013)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2013)

Italy Food and Wine Tourism (Summer 2013)

Guyana Essential Life (Spring Break 2013)

UK Comparative Healthcare (Spring Break 2013)

Ghana Research Experience (Winter Break 2012/2013)

Argentina Effects of Agriculture on Wetland Ecosystems (Winter Break 2012/2013)

UK Theatre (Summer 2013)

Cruiseline Operations and Management (Fall 2012)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2012)

Ecuador Galapagos Islands Biology and History (Summer 2012)

Hungary Education Internships (Spring 2012)