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Human Growth & Development


Life Begins
Grades: 5-6 Life Begins
Puberty can be an awkward time for a child. This sensitive program is designed to deliver information about puberty and adolescence in an open and non-threatening environment, emphasizing the normalcy of physical, emotional and intellectual changes. Areas discussed include: the female and male reproductive systems, fertilization, fetal development and the birth process.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.5.C.1.6, HE.5.B.3.3, HE.6.C.1.5, LA., LA., LA., SC.5.L.14.1, SC.6.L.14.5, NHES: 1

STI’S: Playing With Fire
Grades: 8-9 Red Ribbon
More than 78% of all teenagers in the US report being sexually active in high school and most have only a vague idea of the risk they take. An honest and engaging presentation, this program details the dangers involved with early sexual contact. Presented in a straightforward factual manner, it graphically illustrates the cause and effects of sexually transmitted infections with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS. Through activities, music, and demonstrations, students will learn about the global epidemic of AIDS, modes of transmission, and the short and long term consequences of early sexual activity. Using recent statistics and medical facts, abstinence is proven the only risk-free behavior!
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.8.C.1.1, HE.8.C.1.5, HE.8.C.2.8, HE.8.B.3.1, HE.8.B.3.7, HE.912.C.1.2, HE.912.C.2.8, HE.912.B.3.1, HE.912.P.1.2, LA., LA.910.1.6.1, NHES: 1,2,4,5,7

BSE -- Better Start EarlyPink Ribbon
Grades: 11-12
This 60-minute interactive program was developed with the help of grant funding from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Southwest Florida ( The purpose of the program is to give young women (grades 11-12) information about breast cancer, ways to detect and possibly prevent breast cancer, signs and symptoms of breast cancer and possible treatment for breast cancer. Educators will discuss the importance of maintaining breast health and the importance of regular breast exams.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.A.1.4, HE.A.2.4, HE.B.1.4, HE.B. 2.4, HE.B. 3.4, HE.C.1.4, HE.C.2.4, LA.A.1.4, LA.A.2.4, LA.C.1.4