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Kleist Health Education Center

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The Kleist Health Education Center is offering the opportunity to participate in our health education internship program. This program is for undergraduate students interested in the areas of: Health Education, Health Promotion, and Community Health.

At the Kleist Health Education Center we offer a variety of things for interns to partake in, such as observing and participating in teaching sessions where we promote quality health. The Kleist Health Education Center offers the best quality of health models such as the heart, the cell, stages of child development, the lungs, the eye, healthy eating props and also information about the harmful effects of tobacco.

The Kleist Health Education Center is a fantastic place for interns to gain experience and get an inside look on what a health educator does on a day to day basis! This internship experience is a sure way to propel you to the top if you so choose to intern at the Kleist Health Education Center.

Please click on the link below and read more about this exciting opportunity. If you are interested in this opportunity, lease call Renee McFarland at: 239-590-7502.

Download the KHEC Internship Opportunity document PDF (62 kb)