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Kleist Health Education Center

Character Education

“Keep Your Cool”
Grades: Pre K- 1
Students will review healthy habits and learn that in order to be healthy; you also have to have healthy emotions. During this program, students will practice ways to express feelings, meet new people, and help friends who are sad. Students will participate in various fun hands on activities and an interactive puppet show, meeting Squiggles and Wiggles.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.K.C.1.1, HE.K.C.1.2, HE.K.B.2.1, HE.1.C.1.1, HE.1.C.1.2, HE.1.B.2.1, LA.K.5.2.1, LA.K.5.2.6, LA., LA., LA.

What If Bullies Grow Here?
Grades: 2-4
This highly interactive program seeks to identify and understand the social phenomenon of bullying. Various types of bullying, reasons why people bully, consequences of bullying and identification of potential targets will be discussed. Students will use specific strategies through role plays to deal with a variety of bullying situations with the help of our child size robots, Carlos & Wendi . This presentation features exciting movie clips that children will love!
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.2.B.2.3, HE.2.B.2.4, HE.3.B.2.3, HE.3.B.2.4, HE.4.C.2.6, HE.4.P.2.1, LA., LA., LA., LA., LA., NHES:1,4,5

Beware What You Share
Grades 4 - 6th

This internet safety program discusses the risks and consequences of using cell phones, internet, and video gaming to communicate with others. Students will receive information about the dangers of sharing personal information and communicating with both friends and strangers online. Prevention strategies such as: reporting, blocking, record keeping, and attaining parental permission are discussed. Additionally, cyber bullying and how to properly prevent or respond to it are discussed.

Common Core Florida State Standards: HE.4.B.3.1, HE.4.B.3.3, HE.4.B.4.3, HE.4.B.5.1, HE.4.B.5.5, HE.4.C.1.1, HE.4.C.1.2, HE.4.C.2.1, HE.4.C.2.2, HE.4.C.2.6, HE.4.P.7.2, HE.4.P.8.1, LACC.4.L.1.1, LACC.4.SL.2.5

Caught in the Middle
Grades: 5-6
Revised Caught in the “Middle” explores social cruelty, consequences of intimidation and the effects of ‘texting, cyber bullying, and Facebook ‘in the middle school environment. Developing respect for other’s differences and strategies for appropriately dealing with intimidating situations will be reviewed. This multimedia program features intimidating scenarios and students will have the opportunity to role play with others.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.5.C.2.2, HE.5.B.3.1, HE.5.B.3.2, HE.5.B.3.4, HE.5.B.3.5, HE.6.C.2.2, HE.6.P.1.3, LA., LA., NHES:1,4,5

Stress: Too Much to Handle
Grades: 6-7
Today’s kids are experiencing more stress than ever before. During this interactive presentation, students learn to define stress, recognize the symptoms of stress, discuss the physical, emotional, and behavioral ramifications of stress. Students will have the opportunity to practice strategies to handle the pressure of stress in various situations.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.6.C.1.1, HE.6.B.3.5, HE.7.C.1.1, LA., LA., NHES: 1,4,5,7 

Toxic Relationships - Matters of Choice
Grades: 9 -12
During this presentation students will discuss aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. The warning signs of dating violence and how to make positive choices about dating and friendships will be explored. Students will participate in interactive activities that depict several “toxic” scenarios.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.912.C.1.2, HE.912.C.1.7, HE.912.C.2.2, HE.912.C.2.7, HE.912.B.2.3, HE.912.P.1.3, LA.910.1.6.1, NHES: 1,4,5,7