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Intel Teach Elements

Intel Teach Elements offers online continuing education courses for teachers that focus specifically on technology in 21st century classroom topics. From learning about social media to 21st century assessments, these free classes are ‘just in time’ – meaning you don’t need to devote hours to taking the class. Free, short format, and focused on technology? We consider that a win.

Modern Lessons

Modern Lessons is a free online learning platform designed for teachers and students looking to bolster their existing technology skills (or to get started with technology altogether!). Many ‘basics’ classes are offered – like how to start up a Twitter account for your classroom, but there’s a huge section focused on stuff teachers would find useful, like an awesome guide to using Google in Education and courses on integrating iPads into your classroom.

PBS Teacherline

PBS Teacherline offers a wide variety of online courses for teachers, many of which can earn you credit depending on how you choose to enroll in the class.  Pricing varies depending on if you’re seeking graduate credit or not and varies course by course. Nearly all K-12 subject matters are offered, as well as courses in technology integreation, and many of the courses could be applicable for college instructors as well.

Annenberg Learner

Annenberg Learner offers a wide variety of online courses and workshops that can count for continuing education credit, or in some cases, graduate credit as well (depending on the course). Users also have the option to purchase a DVD instead of participating in the class online. Courses are searchable by subject matter, and grade level varies widely. This site in particular has great descriptions of their courses so you’ll know easily if one might be useful to you.


ScholasticU is the online PD for teachers arm of education giant Scholastic. They offer courses for both continuing education and graduate credit both for teachers and for administrators as well. They offer many full-format courses as well as ‘quickies’, meant for having easy access to information when you need it in a crunch. Most of the classes are geared towards Pre-K through secondary teachers, and they offer a huge community of like minded teachers for you to communicate and collaborate with.

Library Of Congress Teacher Modules

The Library of Congress  offers its ‘Teacher Modules’ for free online. The courses are geared towards helping teachers learn how to use the huge collection of resources available from the Library. Courses would be appropriate for educators at all levels, and many would also be useful for older students as well. Those who complete the course can get a certificate of completion, but not graduate credit.


ASCD offers over a hundred online courses in professional development for educators. From resources on teaching to the Common Core to STEM subjects and teaching with technology, they have a wide range of subjects covered. The courses are well-priced (many around $99) and each one offers additional resources that may be helpful to you (suggested books to purchase, etc).

Teachers First

Teachers First offers free courses in two formats – live sessions and pre-recorded sessions – on a variety of educational topics. If you participate in a live session, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for that work. Since you need to participate in a live session to receive a certificate, this is obviously somewhat less flexible than watching a pre-recorded course, but we think the awesome subject matter is worth it (Bloom’s Taxonomy!!).


The FGCU Library offers faculty assistance with research in the classroom. The guide for Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Tools can be found here:

Kennesaw State offers a comprehensive directory of education journals in the scholarship of teaching and learning for undergraduate and graduate teachers. They also offer a directory of upcoming conferences for higher education across the globe!


 CMU provides some excellent resources for assessing teaching and learning