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Lucas Center for Faculty Development

About the Lucas Center


Welcome from the Director

Welcome to our Lucas Center for Faculty Development. The Lucas Center supports activities that help you grow as a teacher, which supports the FGCU’s primary mission of teaching and mentoring students. Most of our topics and programs are the result of feedback from the FGCU faculty community perception of needs. Our center offers creative learning experiences focused in the areas of teaching, learning, assessment and scholarship. Watch for e-mails announcing activities that may interest you. I believe you will find the activities to be relevant, renewing and synergizing! Come join in the sharing of effective ideas that your colleagues are implementing and add to the conversation. Stop by to say hello and see our wonderful space in LIB 212, affectionately known as “The Living Room”. 

I think a lot about teaching and learning and how they focus my work in higher education. Students need both joy and rigor in the classroom. Students are motivated to learn when the tasks are appropriate, engaging, and just beyond their zone of proximal development so that they feel a sense of accomplishment when the light bulb of understanding shines. Teachers need to teach, not just tell. Teachers should model, think aloud, and make visible the invisible thinking necessary for learning. Learning never stops. College is not the end of learning. If an instructor stops learning his or her professional practices lose their cutting edge, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. Teaching and learning are components of a dynamic process based upon student need and teacher reflection.


 Dr. Linda Serro
Dr. Linda Serro
Professor, College of Education
Director, Lucas Center for Faculty Development