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Book Clubs


Book Club

Clubs are scheduled for fall and spring terms, beginning in September. Faculty members can sign up for one or all of them but must commit to reading assigned pages and participating in weekly discussions over a 4 – 6 week period. Faculty members are given a personal copy of the book to keep. Open to resident and adjunct faculty.


 Fall 2014

How the Brain Learns

How the Brain Learns by David A. Sousa

This book presents the latest brain research and its implications for teaching and learning in any educational setting. Certainly, by understanding the biological processes by which the brain operates, teachers can design assignment and lesson plans to optimize learning.

Continuation from spring 2014 – Open to anyone for fall term
August 25th, September 29th, October 27th, November 17th
12 PM -1 PM LIB 212
Facilitated by Laura Frost and Linda Serro




The Skillful Teacher

The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom by Stephen D. Brookfield

Brookfield offers inspiration and down-to-earth advice to new and seasoned teachers. Brookfield offers a comprehensive guide that shows how to thrive on the unpredictability and diversity of classroom life. This new edition also reflects the many changes that have come about in the decade since the book was first published and includes new chapters that deal with emerging topics such as classroom diversity and teaching in online learning environments.

Weekly – September 8th through October 20th
11 AM – 12 PM LIB 212
Facilitated by Loureen Downes



Teaching with Mouth Shut Teaching with Your Mouth Shut by Donald L. Finkel

Finkel explores student-centered learning and a democratic approach to teaching. Instead of teaching by telling, Finkel argues that the most important role for a good teacher is to create conditions that inspire students to learn. The idea of “teaching with your mouth shut” is explored, exemplified, and varied to such an extent that it ultimately specifies a comprehensible approach to teaching – along with a host of concrete teaching possibilities. Each chapter in this book presents a case study, a story, or a sustained image of a teaching situation – a set of “circumstances” that produces significant learning in students.

September 29th, October 20th, and November 3rd
4 PM – 5 PM LIB 212
Facilitated by Sasha Wohlpart




Learner-Centered Teaching:  Putting the Research on Learning into Practice by Terry Doyle

Doyle presents the research-based case that Learner Centered Teaching offers the best means to optimize student learning in college, and offers examples and ideas for putting it into practice, as well the underlying rationale. There is sometimes a gap between what we would like to achieve in our teaching and the knowledge and strategies needed to make it happen. To enable faculty to navigate this shift, Doyle presents a learning-centered approach to course design that draws on current brain research on cognition and learning.

September 22nd, 29th, October 13th, 27th, November 10th, 24th
3 PM – 4 PM LIB 212
Facilitated by Kevin Davies



What Our Stories Teach UsWhat Our Stories Teach Us: A Guide to Critical Reflection for College Faculty by Linda K. Shadiow

Shadiow encourages and enables faculty to deeply examine their teaching experiences, stories, and choices so real insight results. Shadiow believes that the stories we tell as teachers can be used to deepen understandings of ourselves as teachers. She uses her stories and those of others to illustrate how these stories function as key events in the life of a teacher.

This club will meet bi-weekly so that participants will be able to try the ideas presented and begin to write, as suggested in the book.

September 22nd, October 6th, 20th
12 PM- 1 PM LIB 212
Facilitated by Jackie Greene and Deeb Kitchen

Outcasts UnitedOutcasts United: An American Town, a Refugee Team, and One Woman’s Quest to Make a Difference by Warren St. John

Outcasts United is a book about social and cultural change; a book that focuses its story on team of young people brought together due to unthinkable circumstances under the guiding hand of a woman determined to help these young boys become disciplined men ready to face life’s many challenges. This is an inspiring story of how families torn apart by civil war and political strife come together and begin to rebuild their lives in America. These refugees were place in an unlikely location in the suburbs of Atlanta where the town did little to embrace or support them in their psychological recovery. Through one woman's vision and love of soccer the youth of these transplanted families were able to find a common passion and camaraderie. Read the novel and come discuss it.

Only one meeting
  October 27th from 4 PM - 5 PM in LIB 212
  Facilitated by Sheila Buldoc-Simpson

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