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Daniel Rottig
Daniel Rottig
Associate Professor
International Business and Strategic Management
Lutgert College of Business
Conference: Academy of International Business Southeast USA Chapter, Atlanta, GA,
October 25th – 27th, 2013
Topic: X-Culture-- an international student collaboration project that provides students with an invaluable opportunity to communicate, collaborate and interact in global virtual teams with students from around the world. 
 Daniel Rottig
Dr. Rottig presented about one of the teaching innovations, called X-Culture, he had implemented in his undergraduate International Business course in the spring semester of 2012 and used every semester since.
  • Dr. Rottig spoke about the history, nature and scope of the project, discussed the requirements for students and instructors from around the world to participate in the project and shared best practices on how to successfully implement the project in the classroom.

  • Dr. Rottig’s students consistently rank among the top performers based on national and international benchmarks in the entire X-Culture project, exemplifying the quality and impact of this new and innovative pedagogical method.

Daniel Rottig

One illustration of this: the 10 top-performing X-Culture global virtual student teams out of several hundreds of teams from around the world were invited to the conference to meet face-to-face, and to tackle another business challenge assigned by one the conference’s corporate sponsors, Home Depot (which ranks #34 of the Fortune 500 list). Two of these 10 top-performing teams comprised students of Dr. Rottig.

      • Home Depot invited these student teams to a corporate headquarters visit and provided them with an opportunity to learn about the corporation’s management, interact with its executives, and submit the Home Depot International Business Challenge on which each team had worked for an entire month.

      • Home Depot executives selected the four best reports and the respective four finalist teams presented their reports at the conference to an audience of Home Depot executives as well as scholars, educators and business practitioners from around the world.

      • The winning team, selected by a panel of experts consisting of Home Depot executives and business consultants, included one of Dr. Rottig’s students illustrating the value of this innovative pedagogical tool and its related learning effects as well as the overall quality of FGCU’s educational programs and student success.