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Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development

Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development

Leadership Development




Leadership Programs

 The Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development is committed to offering students a holistic experience by providing leadership development opportunities that empower individuals to question critically, think logically, and live ethically while becoming active citizens within the Florida Gulf Coast University community and beyond.

 Through MLD initiatives, students will gain a better understanding of self-concept, identify personal leadership styles, and learn effective communication strategies. Students will get an introduction to ethical leadership, practically learn how to handle newfound responsibility, and gain an understanding of how to translate ideas into achievable vision.  Students will be challenged to think critically about valuable leadership topics such as diversity, decision making, and collaboration and will make a commitment to becoming a positive change agent.

 The office provides a variety of leadership programming opportunities for all levels of leaders.




Emerging Leaders

An Emerging Leader is a first year, transfer, or any student who has not yet engaged in leadership opportunities on campus, and is looking to discover the fundamentals of leadership.


Emerging Eagles

Leadership Summit


Engaged Leaders

An Engaged Leader is a student who has some leadership experiences through previous programs, organizations, or other on-campus opportunities and is looking to further engage.


Leadership Academy

Emerging Eagles Mentor

Leadership Coaching


Enlightened Leaders

An Enlightened Leader is a student leader who is fully immersed into a culture of leadership and seeks to expand his or her leadership potential by giving back to the FGCU campus.





 The tier system is designed to serve as a guide to obtaining the Presidential Leadership Certificate, the most prestigious honor that the MLD office awards. In order to obtain the Presidential Leadership Certificate, you must complete one of the programs in each tier, Emerging, Engaged and Enlightened Leaders, along with the programs additional requirements. While the programs are designed to encourage progression, you do not have to complete a previous tier before applying/registering for another program in a separate tier.


Emerging Eagles-  Fall 2016 application will be available soon





Leadership Summit

Summit Logo

Leadership Summit Fall 2016 Registration:

 Registration link will be avaialble soon

The Leadership Summit is an annnual, daylong program sponsored by Leadership Development in the Dean of Students' Office intended to connect student leaders to promote collaborative efforts, develop leadership skills, and build lasting relationships.  The Summit is open to all students and organizations.


The porgram includes:

  • An inspirational and dynamic keynote speaker
  • A variety of breakout sessions, led by campus professionals that focus on leadership fundamentals and how to incorporate such skills into every day, campus involvement
  • An opportunity for students to come together, network, and learn from one another


Summit 2013