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Multicultural Ambassadors

Ishbel Correa

Ishbel was born in Puerto Rico, moved to Orlando at the age of 7, and then eventually moved to St. Cloud where she graduated from Harmony High School. She is majoring in Pre-Athletic Training and hoping to master in Occupational Therapy. She has participated in Frosh Mosh, Leadership Academy, and Emerging Eagles. She is a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. She was a morale captain for FGCU's first annual Dance Marathon as well a founder of Caribbean Student Association as their Secretary.  She loves being with friends and meeting new, different people. Ishbel feels that the best feeling in the world comes from inspiring others to do amazing things and watching them grow in the process and that's one of the many reasons that she decided to become a Multicultural Ambassador. But be warned, she loves to randomly sing. 

Thieldens Elneus

"T" was born in La Gonave, Haiti and grew up in central Florida. T attended Auburndale High School prior to coming to FGCU. T is involved in several student organizations such as the Haitian Student Organization, Student Government, and the Event Planning Club. He will also be serving as an RA in South Village. He enjoys meeting new people and staying active in both school and the community. He is a determined and dedicated student and values the importance of building strong relationships. He decided to join the Multicultural Ambassador Program because he enjoys discovering different cultures and getting to know those around him.

Amanda Tan

Amanda is a sophomore at FGCU, majoring in Biology.  She was involved in RHA, Emerging Eagles, and Ignite.  This year she is currently the president of the Glades Area Council in RHA.  She is a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and attended the Leadership Academy Retreat.  Upon graduation, she hopes to attend medical school and become a dermatologist.  During her time at FGCU, Amanda strives to be a positive impact on other students’ college experiences.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Florida when she was eight years old. She is a sophmore currently majoring in Pre-nursing. Dylan loves spending time with her friends and family and has a special fondness for animals. She one day hopes to become a physicians assistant and specialize in pediatrics. She is an individual who believes in keeping an open mind when dealing with new people as well as new situations. As a freshman,  she took advantage of all that the campus has to offer, getting  involved in programs such as Emerging Eagles and Frosh Mosh and she also served as a delegate on Osprey's Area Council.

Shaunice Bradley

Shaunice was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and has since lived in four other states. She enjoys moving around and seeing new things but is excited to be at FGCU for the next four years of her life. As a clinical laboratory science major, she is determined to graduate from medical school as an OBGYN. Shaunice views college as a way to build lasting friendships, make connections, and inspire and be inspired by others. Her plan after college is to follow in her mother's footsteps by joining the Navy. She is what some may call a free spirit who goes with the flow and will adopt to whatever situation is at hand!

Juliette Galety

Juliette was born in Corail, Grand'Anse, which is located in Haiti. Juliette came to Fort Myers, FL. at the age of three. She currently majoring in Community Health and hoping to get her Master's in Occupational Therapy. Juliette is a member of Student Support Services-STEM Program, and Haitian Student Organization. She has participated in Frosh Mosh and FGCU Leadership Summit. She is also interested in being part of many other organizations, and programs at FGCU such as emerging eagles. Juliette decided to be a Multicultural Ambassador because she enjoy helping and learning about people from every walk of life. She wants to inspire others of different backgrounds who are still struggling to find the finances to support their talents and be able to show them going to college will be worth the time and effort.

Miranda Hawker

Miranda is from the small town of Auburndale, Florida. She has a twin sister and was raised by their father and their German mother. Miranda is a Communication major and is minoring in Spanish. She was a part of the 2013 Frosh Mosh and attended the 2013 Leadership Summit. She is also currently a part of RHA and a 2104 Orientation Leader. Miranda is looking forward to getting involved with other programs on campus too such as Emerging Eagles. She really loves working with others and volunteering in her community. She feels so blessed to have been chosen as a Multicultural Ambassador and is excited to help guide others into learning and appreciating the beauty of diversity.

Jacqueline Moskalczyk

JJ, was born and raised in Clearwater ,FL.  She is a sophomore with double major in Business and Hospitality, with a concentration in event planning. JJ loves volunteering in the community. She has done mission work in France and Spain. She is a mentor for Emerging Eagles and is also a Frosh Mosher of 2012. JJ’s ultimate goal is to do international business for a large corporation. Some of her hobbies include; painting, drawing, watching movies, take nature walks and spending time with her friends.

Emily Sladicka

Emily K Sladicka is a freshman majoring in social work, with a concentration in gender studies. She is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where she spent about eleven years of her life. Previously Emily lived in Flagstaff, Arizona. Emily is heavily involved on the FGCU campus with Greek Life, Students For Children, TWLOHA, The Photography Club, and Rotaract. She cannot wait to become an initiated member of Chi Omega this January. Not only does Emily want to go to graduate school and earn her masters degree, but she also dreams of working for The Peace Corps. She would not mind spending a few years dedicating her life to service! Emily tries to seize every opportunity, and looks forward to every new day. She describes herself as happy-go-lucky, and determined. Emily tries to get involved in much as possible while maintaining her GPA.