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Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development

Multicultural Ambassadors

Shaunice Bradley

Shaunice was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and has since lived in four other states. She enjoys moving around and seeing new things but is excited to be at FGCU for the next four years of her life. As a clinical laboratory science major, she is determined to graduate from medical school as an OBGYN. Shaunice views college as a way to build lasting friendships, make connections, and inspire and be inspired by others. Her plan after college is to follow in her mother's footsteps by joining the Navy. She is what some may call a free spirit who goes with the flow and will adopt to whatever situation is at hand!

Ishbel Correa

Ishbel was born in Puerto Rico, moved to Orlando at the age of 7, and then eventually moved to St. Cloud where she graduated from Harmony High School. She is majoring in Pre-Athletic Training and hoping to master in Occupational Therapy. She has participated in Frosh Mosh, Leadership Academy, and Emerging Eagles. She is a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. She was a morale captain for FGCU's first annual Dance Marathon as well a founder of Caribbean Student Association as their Secretary.  She loves being with friends and meeting new, different people. Ishbel feels that the best feeling in the world comes from inspiring others to do amazing things and watching them grow in the process and that's one of the many reasons that she decided to become a Multicultural Ambassador. But be warned, she loves to randomly sing. 

Thieldens Elneus

"T" was born in La Gonave, Haiti and grew up in central Florida. T attended Auburndale High School prior to coming to FGCU. T is involved in several student organizations such as the Haitian Student Organization, Student Government, and the Event Planning Club. He will also be serving as an RA in South Village. He enjoys meeting new people and staying active in both school and the community. He is a determined and dedicated student and values the importance of building strong relationships. He decided to join the Multicultural Ambassador Program because he enjoys discovering different cultures and getting to know those around him.

Juliette Galety

Juliette was born in Corail, Grand'Anse, which is located in Haiti. Juliette came to Fort Myers, FL. at the age of three. She currently majoring in Community Health and hoping to get her Master's in Occupational Therapy. Juliette is a member of Student Support Services-STEM Program, and Haitian Student Organization. She has participated in Frosh Mosh and FGCU Leadership Summit. She is also interested in being part of many other organizations, and programs at FGCU such as emerging eagles. Juliette decided to be a Multicultural Ambassador because she enjoy helping and learning about people from every walk of life. She wants to inspire others of different backgrounds who are still struggling to find the finances to support their talents and be able to show them going to college will be worth the time and effort.

Miranda Hawker

Miranda is from the small town of Auburndale, Florida. She has a twin sister and was raised by their father and their German mother. Miranda is a Communication major and is minoring in Spanish. She was a part of the 2013 Frosh Mosh and attended the 2013 Leadership Summit. She is also currently a part of RHA and a 2104 Orientation Leader. Miranda is looking forward to getting involved with other programs on campus too such as Emerging Eagles. She really loves working with others and volunteering in her community. She feels so blessed to have been chosen as a Multicultural Ambassador and is excited to help guide others into learning and appreciating the beauty of diversity.

Jacqueline Moskalczyk

JJ, was born and raised in Clearwater ,FL.  She is a sophomore with double major in Business and Hospitality, with a concentration in event planning. JJ loves volunteering in the community. She has done mission work in France and Spain. She is a mentor for Emerging Eagles and is also a Frosh Mosher of 2012. JJ’s ultimate goal is to do international business for a large corporation. Some of her hobbies include; painting, drawing, watching movies, take nature walks and spending time with her friends.

Janel Acosta

Janel was born in El Paso, Texas moving to South Florida when she was two years old. She is currently a freshman majoring in Communication with dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster. Janel was a Frosh Mosh 2014 participate and is now in Emerging Eagles, finding her passion through helping others and being a positive influence on campus. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, taking long walks with her dog Henry and drinking too much coffee. Janel is honored to be a Multicultural Ambassador and is proud to serve her new community here at FGCU. Go Eagles! 

Vanessa Burnam

Vanessa is a Communications major from Fort Lauderdale. She is a member of Tri Delta, FGCU Programming Board Promotions Committee and is involved in Ignite at Summit Church. She cannot wait to give back to the Frosh Mosh program as an ambassador that gave so much to her!

Alexia Davis

Lexi is from Hollywood, Florida and came to FGCU seeking new opportunities. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in creative writing. She hopes to one day become a book editor and work at a publishing company. She loves to write and make connections with others, but she also loves working with children and making a difference in people’s lives; regardless if it’s just one or a hundred. She’s had wonderful people make a difference for her and she’d love to do the same for others. Pay it forward.

She’s currently a mentor in Emerging Eagles and an officer for her club Students for Children. Coming to FGCU has been one of the best experiences yet. She has loved making new friends and getting involved in campus life. It’s shaped and improved her life for the better, and couldn’t feel more excited or grateful to have the opportunity to be an ambassador. She can’t wait to see what else is in store for her.

Evelyn Philistin

Evelyn was born in the nearby town of Naples, Florida. She is a sophomore dual majoring in psychology and social work. Her dream is to finish the next few years at FGCU strong and go on to grad school with the hopes of obtaining a master’s degree either in student affairs or social work. Her dream is to work with the youth of today, particularly those who live in the inner city, and to serve as an advisor or coordinator. Evelyn holds many roles at FGCU including Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Peers CARE educator, Emerging Eagles Mentor, Civic Engagement Coordinator and Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma. She is involved with other student organizations like Students for Children and Rotaract and is in the Honors program. She became a Multicultural Ambassador because she loves learning about people from all walks of life and believes a diversity and open-mindedness to diversity is a beautiful thing. Evelyn strives for personal excellence and believes with each day that passes by, we are given another opportunity to grow and mature.  She loves to laugh, surrounds herself with fun ambitious people, and is all about positive vibes. Her favorite color is black and her favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch! It isn’t uncommon to see Evelyn with her headphones in jamming and dancing to music.

Michael Rybak

Michael is a Communications major and Theater minor from Stuart, Fl. He is a delegate on Palmetto Area Council for Resident Housing Association, actively involved in Gay Straight Alliance, and an Emerging Eagles mentee. Since Frosh Mosh was such a influential and rewarding program, he can not wait to be to an ambassador this year and enlighten incoming baby eagles on diversity and leadership.

Jesika Torres

Jesika was born and raised in the small town of Bonita Springs, Florida not far from Florida Gulf Coast. She comes from a supportive family and hopes to inspire her two younger brother to follow her footsteps and make their marks in school. She is currently a freshman double majoring in Elementary Education and in Communication. Jesika is also involved in several other organizations on campus, such as: being a member of Chi-Omega, being secretary of Hosa, and being in Emerging Eagles; she hopes to become a Resident Assistant on campus, all this on top of her part-time job at Barnes & Nobles. Jesika hopes to pursue a career in teaching other students and hopes to use what she learns throughout her college experience to inspire others to move forward. She feels to have been chosen to become a Multicultural Ambassador and is ecstatic about not only helping guide others in our community, but also to continue growing with this wonderful organization.