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Harvey and Janet Cohen Center -

Harvey and Janet Cohen Center - "Harv's Place"

Harvey Cohen

Harvey Cohen on Boat

Harvey Cohen on the Dock

Harvey Cohen

Harvey David Cohen was born in Cincinnati, OH, on June 3, 1921, the oldest of five children. He attended Hughes High School and the University of Cincinnati as a scholar-athlete, receiving honors for both his academic and diving successes. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Harvey set aside his education to answer the call for troops. With only one year of undergraduate studies remaining, he enlisted in the US Army on August 18, 1942. Upon first arriving at the training base, Harvey learned that a search for a bugler had been unsuccessful. Even though he had never played this instrument, he volunteered, confident that his talent on piano, violin and guitar would enable him to learn this instrument quickly. Luckily, Harvey's musical abilities did indeed extend to this wind instrument. During most of the war Harvey taught code for the Military Intelligence Service. The Army Aviation Corps tapped his knowledge of code and he was among the few who flew the Hump, the term used for flying over the Himalayan Mountains, which was known to be extremely dangerous with the dearth of reliable charts, radio navigation aids and weather reports. After the war he returned to the University of Cincinnati to complete his undergraduate studies, eventually earning his Doctorate of Law there in the spring of 1947.

Harvey Cohen