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Export Compliance Training

FGCU is committed to educating its personnel, including employees, faculty, visiting faculty and scientists, postdoctoral fellows, students and other persons retained by or working at or for FGCU on U.S. export control laws and regulations.  As part of its ongoing commitment to export control compliance and education, the university has established this website that contains University export control information, forms, training modules and reference materials. 

Export compliance training is required for participants involved in a Sponsored Program that is subject to export controls. Please note that Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that all FGCU participants, including students, complete this mandatory training.

The following on-line training programs are available to FGCU faculty, staff and students.

  1. CITI Export Control Basic Training Modules - Two training modules provide an overview of U.S. Export Controls and the Office of Foreign Affairs, developed by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) for use by member institutions.   All FGCU faculty, staff, and students with an interest in export compliance are also invited and encouraged to complete the course.
  2. US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security Training Room - A series of short videos (2 - 10 minutes), training modules (6 - 22 minutes), and webinars (15+ minutes) on topics relevant to export control.
  3. US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security Update 2011 Conference on Export Controls and Policy - A series of session and panel presentations given at this year's meeting.  Of particular interest may be Deemed Exports and the I-129 VISA

Additionally, general awareness information is provided to employees in the form of a short pamphlet distributed at orientation or via an introductory email within their first month of employment. An annual reminder/refresher email will be distributed to all employees at the start of each academic year (August/September).