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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Toner Recycling



Used printer and toner cartridges can be recycled. Just look for the containers with the words:


Make a Difference

Printer Cartridges & Cell Phone



The following locations are being designated as drop off points for the collection of used printer cartridges:

Academic Building 7: Room 442, Mailroom

Aquatics Complex:  Take to Campus Recreation Modular, room 107

Arts Complex: Room 106, Copy Room inside room 107

Ben Hill Griffin Hall: Room 144, Mail/Copy Room

Broadcast Building:  Room 68, Mail/Copy room in back of building

Campus Recreation Modular: Room 107, Copy Room

Campus Support Complex (CSC): Room 72, Mailroom Corridor

Cohen Center:  Fishbowl

Edwards Hall:  Room 209, Break Room

Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Modular:  Storage Area

Family Resource Center:  Take to CSC or Whitaker Hall

Holmes Hall:  First Floor Atrium, The Link

Howard Hall:  Room 212, Break Room

Library: Room 117, Central Receiving

Library: Room 461, Copy Room

Lutgert Hall:  Holmes Hall Atrium

Marieb Hall: Fourth Floor, Across from Elevators

McTarnaghan Hall:  Room 125, Near Elevator

Merwin Hall:  Room 277, Workroom

Modular 1 (Parking Lot #7):  Hall Outside Office 35, Near Copier

Modular 2 (Parking Lot #7):  HR Copy Room

Music Building: Room 205, Copy Room

Observatory:  Take to Whitaker Hall

Outdoor Sports Complex: Room 222, Front Desk

Reed Hall:  Room 225, Storage

Sugden Resort & Hospitality:  Room 206A, Workroom

Sugden Welcome Center (SWC):  Room 122, Work Area

Visitor Information Booth:  Take to SWC

Wellness Center:  Take to McTarnaghan Hall

Whitaker Hall:  Room 264, Copy Room