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Physical Plant

Central Receiving & Warehouse Responsibilities and Duties


Central Receiving

Central Receiving is responsible for most shipments to and from the University.

Central Receiving utilizes a Smart Track tracking system making virtually all incoming packages traceable from the moment they're received until the moment they're signed for by the recipient.

Central Receiving arranges departmental pick-up for outgoing shipments large and small, providing an accurate, cost-efficient means for shipping.

Central Receiving assists the University's Property Department in assuring all incoming assets are properly recorded.



The Physical Plant Warehouse provides storage for shipments received by the University prior to distribution and for surplus property prior to recycling or disposal.

The Warehouse takes possession of property that departments no longer use, but still has a useful life and makes it available to the University community at large.

The Warehouse provides space for temporary storage during renovation or while facilities are being prepared for use.