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Physical Plant

Physical Plant

Chargeable Services


Special Services requested outside the normal scheduled periods are considered chargeable and will be charged back to the requesting College or Department. Requests categorized as Special Services, should be coordinated within the administrative unit of your Department or College. Refer to Support Services for information on routine, non-chargeable services.

Examples of Special Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Signage services 
  • Moving services
  • Carpentry services
  • Cleaning/custodial servicesoutside of scheduled times
  • Construction services/remodeling/renovations
  • Electrical Services above and beyond general maintenance
  • Golf Cart repair
  • General maintenance services/installation of various materials (keyboards, bulletin boards, coat hooks, etc.)
  • Lock and Key services (replacement, change, install, rekey) not part of new construction
  • Plumbing services (relocate, install; for outside events or activities) not part of new construction

Labor Rates for Special Services

  • $48.00 – Regular Time
  • $72.00 - Overtime

Service Fees

Late Fee

The Physical Plant charges for special requests regarding signs, electrical set-ups, and custodial services for any event. The Physical Plant will require a ten (10) business day lead time to provide services. Please submit Event Request Form at least ten business days in advance. We will do everything possible to accommodate emergencies caused by unforeseen circumstances; however, due to limited staff, no expectations should be made for requests with less than ten business days’ notice. A late fee of $100.00 will be added to requests submitted within a week of an event date.

Equipment Usage Fee

Forklift services or other equipment rental will be assessed a $50.00 per hour equipment fee as well as a $48.00 per hour operator fee, minimum of one hour of each. Please submit request with more than two weeks lead time, along with location of service, date, time out & return, in order to schedule staff and equipment.

Minimum Charge or Cancellation Fee

Due to the excessive time spent on estimates that do not result in a completed project, it is necessary to collect a minimum fee. Should the estimate be accepted and the project completed, the fee will be waived. Should the job be canceled after the estimate has been given, a minimum charge equivalent to two hours labor, or $96.00, will be collected.

Please be prepared to provide a Banner account # (FOAPAL) at the time of your request for specialty, complex, or labor intensive estimates, for example, representing remodels, renovations, office reconfigurations, installations, or change-outs. The Physical Plant Administration reserves the right to evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. Requests categorized as Special Services, should be coordinated within the administrative unit of your Department or College.