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Consistent with the University's mission to emphasize environmentally oriented studies, Florida Gulf Coast University is committed to developing and implementing programs for the collection of recyclable materials and for the reduction of solid waste. The Physical Plant department is the lead unit in this endeavor.

Beginning March 2013, FGCU has implemented a single stream recycling system, following the guidelines of Lee County. That means all recyclables can now be placed in the same bin, without the threat of waste contamination. To help in this effort, every floor of every building on campus has a recycling station consisting of a recycling and a waste bin side by side. If your area is in need of either bin, please contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370, or

Click here for a short presentation promoting "All Together Now", our implementation program for single stream recycling.

Recycling guidelines vary by county. For example, what may be recyclable in Collier County (Naples), may not be recyclable in Lee County (where FGCU is located). It is important to check with your local municipality to determine what items are recyclable. Click here to see the list of items that can be recycled in Lee County.

To facilitate what is considered recyclables and waste on campus, and thus Lee County, two user-friendly posters have been created.

Click here to download the poster of what can be recycled on campus.

Click here to download the poster of what is considered waste on campus.


The following recyclables can now be placed in the same BLUE bins on campus:

Other items that can be recycled off campus:


 Newspaper, Mixed Office Paper, and Cardboard

Mixed office paper is collected in small blue recycling containers in offices and workspaces. These containers are collected for recycling everyday, as needed. If an office bin becomes filled, it can be either be placed outside the office or suite door for collection that night, or be emptied into the larger blue "Slim Jim" recycling bins, located in the nearest copy room.

For large amounts of paper recycling, including phone books, out-dated course schedules, and other pamphlets or brochures, contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370, or A work order will be inputted, and the material will be picked up and stored for recycling.

Several large recycling dumpsters are located on campus, with the two largest dumpsters being behind Howard Hall and the Student Union. The custodial staff will collect all broken down boxes with a bright green "recycle" sticker placed on them, and recycle the boxes in these dumpsters. Contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370, or for "recycle" stickers.


Glass, Aluminum, Steel, and Plastic Containers #1-7

Aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles, and plastic containers marked 1-7 were already commingled with the previous recycling system on campus. Now they can also be commingled with paper recyclables in the same containers. All these products can be placed in the blue bins, Cleartainers, and three-part bins located throughout campus.

Click Here for a comprehensive list of recyclable and waste items on campus.


Plastic Bags 

Plastic bags cannot be placed in any recycling bin, as Lee County does not currently recycle plastic bags. However, the Physical Plant has taken it upon the department to gather plastic bags and take them to Publix, who recycles them at their facility in Lakeland. There is currently one plastic bag recycling container on campus, located in the Work Management Center, Campus Support Complex, room 30. If you would be interested in supporting plastic bag recycling in your area, please contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370 or Plastic bags can be taken to local supermarkets for recycling.



FGCU has been participating in Recyclemania since 2009. Recyclemania is an 8-week intercollegiate recycling competition that is held during the spring semester each year. Colleges and Universities from all over the US and Canada participate in the competition to see which school not only recycles the most, but produces the least amount of trash during that time period. During the competition period, student volunteers go to the various waste and recycling collection locations on campus the night before they are collected by our Waste Collection Agency, and measure the amount of waste and recylables in these areas. The calculations are then submitted to Recyclemania for comparison to other Colleges and Universities. FGCU consistently ranks in the top 10% of schools who participate.

Click here for the Recyclemania website

Click here for the total calculations submitted to Recyclemania for the 2014 competition

If you see any locations that would benefit from a recycling container of any kind, contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370, or, with the location and the type of container requested.