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Physical Plant

Physical Plant

Keys and Building Access


Key Information and Forms

As stated in the Lock and Key Policy, each department must have a both a Designated Key Custodian Form and a Signature Authorization Form on file with the Work Management Center in order to identify individuals who can request keys and building access for employees in their department.

Key requests can be made for any employee or student worker on campus. However, student workers, OPS employees, and adjunct faculty must obtain written approval with a signature from their supervisor for a key can be picked up from the Work Management Center

  • Temporary access cards can be issued to temporary or student employees.
  • For security purposes, departments and colleges should not keep keys for reissue within the department unless the proper paperwork is completed.
  • University employees are responsible for returning all items listed on their Employee Key Agreement to the Work Management Center at the time of their separation from the University.
  • Keys and cards not picked up after ten business days are returned to stock.

Lost Keys

Stolen, lost, or misplaced keys should be reported to the University Police at 590-1900.

An Incident Report will be filed and a copy will be forwarded to the Work Management Center.

Replacement keys and access cards will be charged back to the requester's department or college.

Eagle ID card Access

  1. Faculty and Staff Members can obtain their FGCU Eagle I.D. from the Eagle I.D. Office in Cohen Center-152.
  2. Please refer to the department website for more information at
  3. Faculty and Staff Members can then coordinate their request for access to offices, classrooms and buildings with their department key custodian.
  4. Requests for card access must be emailed to the Work Management Center at The message must include the employee's UIN and rooms in which they need access. PLEASE NOTE: Key Request Forms are not needed if the employee only needs card access. An email sent to the Work Management Center stating the employee's UIN and the rooms to which they need access will suffice.
  5. Instructions on how to use the classroom card readers are posted above the door handle on every classroom door.
  6. On a safety note, classroom doors should not be propped open with desk chairs or waste baskets as this is a hindrance to wheelchair bound occupants, as well as a safety concern in the event that an evacuation is needed.