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Office of the Provost

Budget Committee


The Budget Committee shall inform the PBC on the status of the current university budget; engage in budgeting forecasting, development, and review; and, ensure that university resources are available to support recommended plans for continuous improvement. It shall support the work of the PBC as directed by the Chair of the PBC.

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Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Budget Committee Members

Division # of Reps Assigned Representative Title and Term of Service
Administrative Services
Steve Magiera
Vice President for Administrative Services- Permanent
Member of the Council
Shawn Felton
Assistant Professor- Physical Therapy- Revolving
Administrative Services
David Vazquez
Director, University Budgets- Permanent
Academic Affairs
Jennifer Baker
Director, Budget and Management Services- Permanent
Student Government
Thieldens Elneus
Student Government  Senate Appropriations- 1 yr. appointment
Deans' Council
Kathleen Miller
Dean , Library Services- Revolving
Faculty Senate
Tom Felke
Serge Thomas
Assistant Professor, College of Health Professions and Social Work
Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences


Staff Advisory Council
Teri Bigos
Coordinator, Campus Conference Programs- 1 yr. appointment
Athletics Administration
Billy Blood
Assoc. Athletic Director of Internal Affairs- Permanent
Faculty Senate President
Shawn Felton
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy-Revolving
 Student Affairs
Brian Fisher
 Director, University Housing