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Office of the Provost

Provost Initiatives and Committees


The Provost is deeply committed to the further growth of the university.  Academic excellence is a goal that the Provost shares with faculty, students and staff and he is dedicated to its attainment.  Among his priorities are strategic planning, more efficient organizational structures, professional growth and development for faculty and staff, managed enrollment growth, and the use of assessment data to foster continuous improvement not only in academic areas but throughout the university as well.

The Planning and Budgeting Council, a university-wide body chaired by the Provost and comprising multiple committees, is the principal means by which he promotes an institutional agenda of growth and transformation.  This Council works closely with other groups involved in the shared governance of the university including the Faculty Senate, the Staff Advisory Council, and Student Government whose representatives serve as members.  The Council reports directly to the President's Cabinet that is charged with meeting the goals set by the University Board of Trustees.


Recent Updates

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