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The Next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for FGCU


             FGCU's Next QEP: FGCUScholars Think Write Discover                            

Enhancing the culture of inquiry from Composition to Capstone

FGCUScholars, our next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), will benefit students in many ways, including:

1) Enhancing student writing starting in Composition
     and building toward the Capstone project;
2) Improving student critical thinking in General
     Education and our Undergraduate Majors; and
3) Strengthening information literacy as students
     become Scholars in their Disciplines.
Enriching these skills will foster student success at FGCU and beyond!
Why ititiate FGCUScholars: Think Write Discover? 
  - FGCUScholars is for our reaffirmation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
  - FGCUScholars will enhance student writing, critical thinking, and information literacy through the
    creation of scholarly products. 

 Why these skills?

- Development of these skills prepares
  students for their professional careers,
  civic responsibilites, and lifelong learning.
- Writing, critical thinking, and information
  literacy are essential to every major and
  required to successfully navigate our
  global economy.

How does FGCUScholars connect to FGCU's Mission? 
  - FGCUScholars promotes a learning-centered environment that maintains challenging academic 
    standards and cultivates habits of lifelong learning.
  - FGCUScholars requires innovative teaching to fulfill the academic, cultural, social, and career
    expectations of students.  
Who developed FGCUScholars
Students, staff, and faculty members representing all academic
disciplines created FGCUScholars over 4 years.

When and where will student learning be assessed?
- Student work in Composition II will be assessed to
  gauge learning in the first year.
- Scholarly products from Capstone courses will allow
  us to assess student learning at graduation. 

Where will I see FGCUScholars?
- Throughout FGCU, including General Education 
  courses, three courses in the major.
- Through the Office of Undergraduate Scholarship, which will house the QEP. 
How long will FGCUScholars last?
- Our Quality Enhancement Plan runs from 2015 to 2020.
- FGCUScholars will become an enduring part of the
learning experience at FGCU, lasting well beyond the
end of the QEP!