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Records Management

Records Management

Records Retention Schedules


General Records Schedules

All Florida public agencies are eligible to use the GS1-SL, which provides retention periods for the most common administrative records such as routine correspondence and personnel, payroll, financial, and legal records. General records schedules GS2 through GS15 are applicable to program records of specific functional areas, such as elections administration, tax collecting, or law enforcement, each of which has unique program responsibilities and thus unique records retention requirements. The GS2 through GS15 should be used in conjunction with the GS1-SL to cover as many administrative and program records as possible.  

Retention Schedules are established and provided by the Department of State and intended for use by state, county, city, and special district public records custodians.

State of Florida Retention Schedules

For additional information on records retention and disposition, please refer to "The Basics of Records Management" handbook, which, along with all Florida general records schedules, is available on the Department of State’s Services for Records Managers Web site at: