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Records Management

Records Management

Shredding Costs

Shredding Cost
Routine shredding using on-campus Bins Cost per one box or less
12 x 24 box or smaller $0.00
Annual Purge Cost per box
12 x 15 x 15 box, 16 x 12.5 x 12.5 box or $3.50
10 x 18 x 15 box (approximately 1.5 cu.ft.)  
12 x 24 x 15 box $7.00
Special Console Request Cost per month
32-gallon consoles - holds approximately 4.5 cu.ft. $10.00
64-gallon container - holds approximately 9 cu.ft. $20.00
96-gallon container - holds approximately 12 cu.ft. $30.00
Electronic Shredding Cost
Based on cost of actual shred job $80 pick up fee* plus $3.50 per minute
*fee will be split between departments  


Free Console use for 1 box or less


  1. Encourage consistent use of bins for small, constant purging
  2. Use of bins in departments for purges of larger volume
  3. Can use bins as "spillover" bins for departmental inventory process
  4. Encourages departments to keep fewer records


  1. Will still have need for annual purges
  2. When completing inventory will need to predict with a degree of accuracy the bins needed for purging in advance
  3. May encourage departments to purge one box at a time - creates additional work for RMLO
  4. Adds additional pricing layer to process
  5. Makes customers feel cheated for having more volume