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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Registration Holds/Contacts



If you have trouble registering through Gulfline as a result of a hold or course restriction contact the appropriate office; see below.    

For Holds:

For student account most common holds (code/type, description, office responsible for hold and contact information, and hold resolution recommendation) - CLICK HERE

For Course Restrictions

Closed Section, Major Restriction, Level Restriction, Pre-requisite and Test score or Co-requisite

Contact Your Advisor First Year Advising (239) 590-7875  
  College of Arts and Sciences (239) 590-7196  
  Lutgert College of Business (239) 590-7302  
  College of Education (239) 590-7778  
  College of Health Professions and Social Work (239) 590-7455 Students w/ last names beginning in A-D
    (239) 590-7495 Students w/ last names beginning in E-L
    (239) 590-7718 Students w/ last names beginning in M-R
    (239) 590-7766 Students w/ last names beginning in S-Z
  U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering (239) 590-1445