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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council




In an effort to support the staff at FGCU, Staff Advisory Council (SAC) representatives serve as  
members of, and participate in, University committees. In addition, SAC representatives serve   
on committees organized by SAC. Please see committee descriptions and available hyperlinks below.

SAC Committees

Employee Recognition

Committee Charge: Identify ways to recognize and encourage outstanding staff performance. Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for and recognizing those awarded the Finest of the Flock Award, a peer-to-peer recognition program; for identifying two award winners for the SAC Professional Development Program (SAC PDP); and for partnering with Human Resources to name one A&P and one SP staff member for the Outstanding Staff Awards (Employee of the Year Awards).

Committee Members:
Tiffany Reynolds (Chair)
Melissa Berkley
Lauren Cargo
Patty Krupp
Antoinette Biffar

Personnel Policies

Committee Charge: Advise the Staff Advisory Council on concerns and interests related to personnel policies.  To entertain the concerns and interests related to personnel policies provided to the Committee by the elected Staff Advisory Council or the staff electorate at Florida Gulf Coast University.  To act as an information-based resource, related to personnel policies, to properly gather, discuss, and address the concerns and interests of staff personnel for appropriate action.

Committee Members:
Lauren Strunk (Chair)
Patty Krupp
Keith Fernander
Alex Masse
Darina Nikolov
Teri Bigos

Special Events

Committee Charge: Develop and coordinate special events which assist in enhancing staff familiarity with the Staff Advisory Council and its members, support staff development, build cross-departmental relationships and promote an enhanced campus climate. Examples of previous and upcoming events include the SAC Bake-Off, Campus Beautification Day, and the Soar Into Spring professional development series which occurs during the week of student spring break. The committee also identifies other University-organized service events in which SAC members can support and participate.

Committee Members:
Kelly Davis (Co-Chair)
Lauren Cargo (Co-Chair)
Chelsea Cicero
Melissa Berkley
Cori Bright-Kerrigan

SAC Planning and Staff Engagement

Committee Charge: Create and present ways for SAC to market, structure and represent staff in more efficient and effective ways. To discuss, inquire, and investigate the effectiveness of SAC in relation to the perceptions and observations of the staff with a focus on understanding all variables in question that comprise the staff view. Armed with this information, the committee is challenged to create and present new ways for SAC to market, structure, and represent the staff in years to come.

Committee Charge: Determine parties responsible for the evaluation and implementation of each Climate Survey Recommendation, obtain project outline and timeline from the department or taskforce for each recommendation, bring project plans and timeline to SAC for review and approval.

Committee Charge: Collect and review comments submitted under the acceptable Comment Guidelines and present them to the Staff Advisory Council (SAC).

Committee Charge: To serve as the main source of coordination for public communications which promote and convey the voice of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC Planning and Staff Engagement Committee is responsible for:

  • SAC website updates for general communication of information
  • Promotion of SAC Events
  • Developing, maintaining and recommending communication and marketing projects which enhance, inform and sustain a positive awareness of the Staff Advisory Council.
Committee Members:
Diane Bova (Chair)
Sarah DiStefano
 Brooke Niarchos

SAC Elections Committee

The Election Committee oversees the annual SAC elections each spring semester. The committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Soliciting candidate nominations for vacant A&P and SP positions
  2. Communicating with nominees SAC election procedures and guidelines
  3. Confirming candidate eligibilities through Human Resources
  4. Confirming staff eligibility for voting through Human Resources
  5. Coordinating candidate introductions to the staff by developing bios of each candidate and distributing the profiles via all-campus email and posting them on the SAC website. Additionally, the committee hosts Meet and Greet sessions prior to the Annual Staff Assembly.
  6. Identifying the most effective voting method (in-person voting or online options) and coordinating the logistics of its effective implementation
  7. Hosting the Annual SAC Assembly
  8. Confirming ballot counts and identifying the current year’s winners
  9. Communicating with the campus community the names of the new SAC members for the upcoming year 
Committee Members:
Patty Krupp (Co-Chair)
Darina Nikolov (Co-Chair)
Nicole Catalfamo

Tiffany Reynolds

Shared Governance Team

The SAC Shared Governance Team was created to examine the current impact that Staff has at FGCU and how SAC is incorporated into the concept of Shared Governance.  The Team continues to work on maintaining, and increasing, Staff participation in the concept of Shared Governance.

Committee Members:
Eric Balmer (Chair)
Ruth Rodrigues
Cori Bright-Kerrigan
Teri Bigos
Lauren Strunk


 University Committees 

University Planning and Budget Council (UPBC)

    • Chair: Ron Toll/Paul Synder
    • SAC Representatives: Lauren Strunk

UPBC Sub-Committees: 

University Committees (cont.): 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Advisory Committee
    • Chair: Cori Bright-Kerrigan
    • SAC Representative: Kelly Davis
  • Campus Communicators Network
    • Chair: Deborah Wiltrout
    • SAC Representative: Patty Krupp
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
    • Chair: Precious Gunter
    • SAC Representatives: Diane Bova
  • Faculty Senate
    • Chair: Sean Felton
    • SAC Representatives: Lauren Strunk and Teri Bigos
  • Food Recommendations Committee
    • Chair: Emily Augustin
    • SAC Representative: Alex Masse, Brooke Niarchos (Backup)
  • Grant-In-Aid Educational Leave Advisory Committee
    • Chair: Dr. Helen Mamarchev
    • SAC Representative: Lauren Cargo, Darina Nikolov (Backup)
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Committee (IAC)
    • Chair:
    • SAC Representatives: Melissa Berkley and Kelly Davis
  • Institutional Affairs Team (IAT)
    • Chair: Dorothy Ray
    • SAC Representative: Chelsea Cicero, Teri Bigos (Backup)
  • One Book, One Campus
    • Chair: Linda Rowland
    • SAC Representatives: Tiffany Reynolds and Kelly Davis
  • Parking Advisory Committee
    • Chair: Nancy Rispoli
    • SAC Representative: Keith Fernander, Meslissa Berkley (Backup)
  • Parking Appeals Committee
    • Chair: Nancy Rispoli
    • SAC Representatives: Chelsea Cicero, Carl Bleich, Betsy Dillingham, and Kelly Davis
  • Sick Leave Pool Committee
    • Chair: Debby LaRocco
    • SAC Representatives: Keith Fernander, Cori Bright-Kerrigan, Darina Nikolov, and Chuck Bryan
  • Title IX
    • Chair: Brandon Washington
    • SAC Representatives: Patty Krupp
  • 20th Anniversary Committee
    • Chair: Deborah Wiltrout/Kimberly Wallace
    • SAC Representative: Nicole Catalfamo
  • Eagle Family Weekend---SAC Representative: Chelsea Cicero