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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council

Finest of the Flock


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December Spotlight Employee

Demica Mattia!


Nomination summaryDemica truly deserves to be recognized, as she has been a tremendous asset to our faculty and staff.  Demica not only has 2 separate locations from which she performs her regular duties each day, but she also covers the Advising Desk (a 3rd location) during lunch everyday & also when the Program Assistant is out of the office.  She does this with a smile on her face and a "can do" attitude. During the weeks that our Advisor was out on Leave and the Program Asst. had to take on more responsibilities, Demica stepped in to take over some of the Program Assistant's responsibilities in order to keep that office running effectively.  When the Emergent Technologies Institute opened and didn't have budget for any support staff, Demica stepped up to the plate and took over all the Purchase Order responsibilities. During our summer Project Lead the Way Workshops (30-40 participants during 8 sessions over a 6 week period) she also chips in to help in any way she can with organizing,  catering needs, set-up, break-down, etc. In addition to all of the above, Demica took over new and higher level responsibilities with Payroll related items when our Budget Manager left the University. Demica also volunteered to start work at 7:30AM when she found out that we were offering classes for Fall 2016 which started at that time -- as she felt it was important to have a staff member on hand should a need arise.  As you can see, Demica is an employee who clearly has a high work ethic and is an invaluable member of our Team!”


The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) Finest of the Flock (FOTF) is an award that acknowledges staff members (A&P, SP, OPS) for exhibiting exceptional efforts that reflect the values and mission of Florida Gulf Coast University.  Finest of the Flock provides a method for informal peer-to-peer acknowledgement of achievements by staff and a means for publicly announcing such accomplishments to the broader University community.

Finest of the Flock recognizes employees who have contributed to the benefit of FGCU, student(s), co-worker(s), guest(s), the community, and other volunteer or service organizations. The award specifically targets the areas of service, innovation, and collaboration. The activity or activities for which the staff member is being recognized should demonstrate excellence or exceed the employee's normal job responsibilities to the best of the nominator’s knowledge. Nominators can be anyone who interacts with the employee; whether employee, student, vendor, or community member.

SAC is committed to Finest of the Flock as a peer-to-peer recognition program and is intended to be a reflection of the appreciation from a peer for an action, accomplishment, service, innovation, or other special event deserving of praise. The Finest of the Flock award is not related to an employee’s performance evaluation and may not be reflective of an employee’s overall performance. Please note that all nominations received by the first (1st) of the month will be recognized in that month's SAC meeting.



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