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December Spotlight Employee

Lindsey Johns!

Nomination summary"Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do." - Norman Vincent Peale. Upon reading this quote there is no better way to describe how my supervisor Lindsey Johns motivates, challenges, and helps the Office of Housing and Residence Life succeed. If you don't know Lindsey by now you, will the moment she walks in a room because she lights it up with enthusiasm. Lindsey goes above and beyond on a regular basis to connect with students making them feel valued. Lindsey lives where she works as many of us in housing do. It is a challenge to find the balance in the role but sometimes it is important to think of the students as well. The past two Thanksgivings, Lindsey has invited the student staff members who have to stay here on campus to keep our residence halls in operation, to her family Thanksgiving. Lindsey spares no expense ensuring that this is beyond anything a dining hall or most families can pull off. She makes students who are not with their families feel like a part of hers. She does this for the professional staff members as well like myself. For many of us, we are a good distance from home, so even when we are not working it may be difficult to make the adventure. Now Lindsey's nomination is not just from her cooking because trust me I think she should have her own cooking show between her enthusiasm and her talents. It is because she utilizes her enthusiasm to deal with difficult situations. This last month I had a Resident Assistant step down from their position, in the end the job is simply not meant for everyone. Lindsey was there to support my team and myself because gearing towards just before the end of a semester is not an ideal time. I had to encourage the student to do what was best for them. While I had to present at a conference and a trip planned across the country Lindsey worked to ensure my team had support in person while I was gone. To me that means the world because my team is like my family. Meaning even as a young professional sometimes like Lindsey and myself living where you work you can't help but think of these college students like your kids. Lindsey continues to advocate for the needs of her community including students and staff. She does this job because she truly has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. I know by talking to students that she instructs in her SLS class, that they are motivated to come to class because Lindsey cares. They also know she will probably bake something and bring the level of enthusiasm needed to get themselves through a class. I hope that Lindsey realizes how much she is valued and appreciated by her community. She deserves this nomination because I know she will never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.


The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) Finest of the Flock (FOTF) is an award that acknowledges staff members (A&P, SP, OPS) for exhibiting exceptional efforts that reflect the values and mission of Florida Gulf Coast University.  Finest of the Flock provides a method for informal peer-to-peer acknowledgement of achievements by staff and a means for publicly announcing such accomplishments to the broader University community.

Finest of the Flock recognizes employees who have contributed to the benefit of FGCU, student(s), co-worker(s), guest(s), the community, and other volunteer or service organizations. The award specifically targets the areas of service, innovation, and collaboration. The activity or activities for which the staff member is being recognized should demonstrate excellence or exceed the employee's normal job responsibilities to the best of the nominator’s knowledge. Nominators can be anyone who interacts with the employee; whether employee, student, vendor, or community member.

SAC is committed to Finest of the Flock as a peer-to-peer recognition program and is intended to be a reflection of the appreciation from a peer for an action, accomplishment, service, innovation, or other special event deserving of praise. The Finest of the Flock award is not related to an employee’s performance evaluation and may not be reflective of an employee’s overall performance. Please note that all nominations received by the first (1st) of the month will be recognized in that month's SAC meeting.



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