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Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council

Finest of the Flock


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September Spotlight Employee

Lisa Neris!


Nomination summaryLisa has been with Student Support Services since February 1, 2016 and in this short time she has made a tremendous impact on our program and our students. Lisa has utilized her advising knowledge and experience to improve our services as well as assist our students in being successful and accomplishing their academic goals. She has created workshops that assist students who are undecided in their major to narrow down their options or choose a major based on their strengths and interests. She has also created events that allow our graduating seniors to celebrate and document their graduation accomplishment, which is extremely important since our program primarily services students who are the first in their families to attain a college degree. Since our students sometimes need extra guidance and support throughout their academic journey, Lisa has created resources and tools to help students understand and keep track of what they should be focusing on each year that they are at FGCU. This aids in ensuring that students graduate in a timely manner and hopefully with less college debt.

Lisa always thinks of the little details that to most people wouldn’t matter but to others it may mean the world. For example, after a staff meeting she gathered everyone in order to take a funny picture holding a happy birthday sign. Each month she sends an email to all of the students who have an upcoming birthday and attaches the photo along with a birthday message. I have had several students tell me just how much they appreciate the small gesture and how it made their day.

I could go on and on about the wonderful things Lisa has done for Student Support Services, but what is most telling is what the students have to say about Lisa. Recently a student posted this message about Lisa, “I am so lucky to have this lady in my life. She's been an amazing friend, advisor, and all around role model to me. I can always talk to her about school, life, and more”. Another student who served on a panel during our new student orientation raved about Lisa and how a smile and a hug from her can totally turn their day around.

In closing, I am thankful to have Lisa a part of our team in Student Support Services and Outreach Programs. Her teamwork, creativity, and contributions are much appreciated and definitely do not go unnoticed.


The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) Finest of the Flock (FOTF) is an award that acknowledges staff members (A&P, SP, OPS) for exhibiting exceptional efforts that reflect the values and mission of Florida Gulf Coast University.  Finest of the Flock provides a method for informal peer-to-peer acknowledgement of achievements by staff and a means for publicly announcing such accomplishments to the broader University community.

Finest of the Flock recognizes employees who have contributed to the benefit of FGCU, student(s), co-worker(s), guest(s), the community, and other volunteer or service organizations. The award specifically targets the areas of service, innovation, and collaboration. The activity or activities for which the staff member is being recognized should demonstrate excellence or exceed the employee's normal job responsibilities to the best of the nominator’s knowledge. Nominators can be anyone who interacts with the employee; whether employee, student, vendor, or community member.

SAC is committed to Finest of the Flock as a peer-to-peer recognition program and is intended to be a reflection of the appreciation from a peer for an action, accomplishment, service, innovation, or other special event deserving of praise. The Finest of the Flock award is not related to an employee’s performance evaluation and may not be reflective of an employee’s overall performance. Please note that all nominations received by the first (1st) of the month will be recognized in that month's SAC meeting.



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