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Everglades Wetland Research Park

The Everglades Wetland Research Park on the campus of the Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, Florida, is a Florida Gulf Coast University facility designed to provide teaching, research, and service related to wetland, river, and coastal science and ecological engineering. At the research park, we seek to understand:

  1. how wetlands function, and
  2. if and how we can create and restore wetlands.

The overall goals of our facility are the same as that of the university: teaching, research, and service, but in a soggy environment!  We have and will continue to contribute to the restoration and conservation of wetlands in the Florida Everglades (the sawgrass “river of grass”, Big Cypress Swamp, coastal mangrove swamps) and wetlands around the world. 


NEW! 2013-14 Moonlight on the Marsh Distinguished Lectures: THE PROBLEM OF INVASIVE PYTHONS IN THE UNITED STATES

Michael E. Dorcas, Ph.D.,  Professor of Biology, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina

 Short Courses 2014-2015

February 17-20, 2014, Wetland Ecology and Management

October 20-22, 2014, Creation and Restoration of Wetlands

March 16-18, 2015, Treatment Wetlands

Vision Statement, EWRP at FGCU  October 1, 2012