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FGCU Department of Telecommunications

FGCU Department of Telecommunications

Reoccuring Monthly Rates


*For budgeting purposes, please use the following monthly costs as approximations for the type of service(s) required. Telecommunications is committed to providing the most competitive prices on all its services.

  • Avaya IP Conference Room Phone (Does not include hardware): $50.00  Monthly
  • Avaya 4610/9611 IP Basic Desktop Phone: $33.50 Monthly
  • Avaya 4621 IP Advanced Desktop Phone: $41.00 Monthly
  • Analog Phone: $31.35 Monthly
  • Analog Century Link Centrex Line: $31.35 Monthly
  • Avaya Daily Desktop Phone Rentals: $30.00 Daily
  • Avaya Daily Conference Room Phone Rentals: $45.00 Daily
  • Avaya IP Softphone (Software loaded on Computer): (Monthly charge to be determined at a later date...)
  • Extension to Cell Phone Forwarding (EC500): $4.00 Monthly
  • Department Announcement: $13.50 Monthly
  • Directory/National Assistance: No Charge
  • Digital Faxing: $31.00 Monthly
  • Line Only(LO): $13.50 Monthly
  • IP Meet-Me Conference Line: $13.50 Monthly
  • Suncom Reservation-less Conferencing: No charge unless you USE it, then based off price–per-minute, per participant.
  • Toll Free Number: $11.00 Monthly
  • TTY (Text Telephone): $31.35 Monthly
  • Automated Attendant: $40.00 Monthly (Additional charges may apply depending on setup)
  • Voice Mail: $6.00 Monthly
  • Mutare (Speech to text): $3.00 Monthly

One Time Service Installation Rates:

  • Avaya New Phone Install Charge (Including Softphone): $70.00
  • Digital Faxing Charge: $70.00 (Free analog to Digital conversion)
  • Extension to Cell Phone Forwarding (EC500): $25.00
  • General Service/Labor: $70.00 per Hr.