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FGCU Department of Telecommunications

FGCU Department of Telecommunications


  • New Phone Installation (i.e. Avaya 9611 Desk Phones, IP Conference Phones, Classroom Phones etc…)
  • Existing User Changes (i.e. Old office to new office moves, phone upgrades, name changes etc…)
  • TBA to new user assignment (i.e. New user taking over an existing department extention.)
  • Extension Disconnects (If you want to get rid of a phone number all together.)
  • Feature/Configuration Changes (i.e. Call Forwarding, voice mail and authorization codes for long distance.)
  • University Cell Phone Program (i.e. University provided, employee stipend, or departmental prorated)
  • Century Link Centrex Message Line (For off-Campus satellite locations)
  • Toll-Free Lines
  • Line Only (i.e. A featureless second extension added to an existing phone)
  • Analog Line (i.e. Polycom conference phones, TTY, analogue dependent software etc.)
  • Automated Attendant – (Press 1 for… Press 2 for…etc.)
  • Suncom Reservation-less Conferencing(Various audio conferencing options.)
  • Digital Faxing (Faxing from you desktop computer.

*All requests for services and related changes to the University phone system are made by selecting the appropriate form which can be accessed online.

*Expected completion time is 7-10 business days:

  • The Department of Telecommunications would appreciate as much notice as possible.
  • A monthly and/or one-time charge may apply for requested service(s).
  • Please contact the Department of Telecommunications for further pricing information.
  • To report a telecommunications problem, please call x1001 (239-590-1001), or send an email to