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University Police Department

University Police Department

Meet UPD


Chief Steven Moore Chief Steven Moore

Chief of Police
Phone: (239) 590-1919
Office: CSC


Name Phone Office E-mail
Gerald Campbell Emergency Manager (239) 590-1948 CSC 100
Nancy (Smitty) Rounsifer Office Manager (239) 590-1917 CSC

Support Services

Name Phone Office E-mail
Jim Slapp Lieutenant (239) 590-1918 CSC-104
Nancy Rispoli Prog. Assistant, Parking (239) 590-1913 CSC
Dianna Sandora Communications Supervisor (239) 590-1904 CSC-94
Tracy Anderson Comm. Operator (239) 590-1900 CSC
John Harris Comm. Operator (239) 590-1900 CSC
Christine Hoffman Comm. Operator (239) 590-1900 CSC
Janet Reyes Comm. Operator (239) 590-1900 CSC

Police Services

Name Phone Office E-mail
Anthony Rispoli Lieutenant (239) 590-1915 CSC-103
Brian Jones Sergeant (239) 590-1908 CSC
Heidi Blake Sergeant (239) 590-1916 CSC
Brad Lambert Sergeant (239) 590-1914 CSC
Gary Kuenzi Sergeant (239) 590-1909 CSC
Joseph Anderson Detective (239) 590-1956 CSC-92
Thomas Arsenault Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Genna Brugal Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Steven Engle Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Dominic Fornal Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Victor Giovanniello Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Myles Kittleson Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Tommie Page Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Chris Palmer Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Sharief Thabit Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Brian Strunk Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Bill Winning Officer (239) 590-1900 CSC
Tonjua Davis Security Guard (239) 633-3441 Buckingham Property