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Office of Undergraduate Studies
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Office of Undergraduate Studies
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

Jim Wohlpart, Dean
(239) 590-1094 or 

Tiffany Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
(239) 745-4246 or

Located on the second floor of Edwards Hall, Suite 214

Welcome from the Dean, Dr. Jim Wohlpart


Jim Wohlpart - Interim Dean of Undergraduate StudiesFlorida Gulf Coast University was created at a historic moment in time, at the turn of the twenty-first century when we realized that doing more of the same was no longer acceptable. Our Mission statement explains that we have infused the strengths of a traditional university with an innovative spirit that keeps learning at the heart of all we do. With a special emphasis on the development of an ecological perspective and a spirit of community awareness and involvement, FGCU provides opportunities for a transformation within the individual and the wider culture, for engagement with a rich diversity of communities, and for the development of a sense of interconnectedness with our place.

The twenty-first century education that we have created at FGCU is rigorous, active, and engaged, advancing student success and academic excellence through developing special skills, knowledge, and abilities. We assist students in learning how to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information and how to make connections across disparate fields of knowledge. In our programs, we provide opportunities to engage real world problems in our local and global communities in order to understand the deep power and great responsibility of learning. Students learn to communicate effectively in a variety of formats using technology and to work collaboratively within a framework that honors diversity in all its richness. Students also get the chance to conduct research and scholarship, to think creatively, and to offer new perspectives in order to advance new ideas and participate in a wider conversation about the significance of what they learn. Finally, students at FGCU develop the ability to consider, understand, and apply the concept of sustainability in a variety of fields.

At Florida Gulf Coast University we have worked not only to create a new vision of education but to put it into practice in such a way that students are challenged, nurtured, and transformed. This unique moment in history is one of great promise and great opportunity. As Dean of Undergraduate Studies, I believe that the great work given to us to transform learning is one which we can fulfill if we remember that education is about more than the training of professionals, of hands and minds; undergraduate education is about the advancement of lifelong learning, the expansion of our understanding of the role and responsibility of citizenship, the nurturing of a wisdom that allows us to understand our place in this vast and mysterious universe, the opening up of our hearts and our spirits, and the creation of new ways of thinking and being that honor our relation to each other and to the wider community of life.

Jim Wohlpart,
Dean, Undergraduate Studies
(239) 590-1094
Academic Building Five, Office 214A

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