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Web Analytics and Usage Reports


What is Web Analytics?

A website analysis generates a report that provides usage information about a website.

Reports are valuable tools when assessing:

  • how visitors are using your website
  • the number of visitors in a specified period of time
  • keywords used by visitors searching for your site
  • traffic generated from advertising and marketing campaigns
  • and much more

View Web Reports

Web reports are available at

Requesting a Website Analysis

Analysis reports can be customized for your special needs. One-time Reports or Continuous, Monthly Reports are available.

To request a Website Analysis, contact:

David Jaeger
(239) 590-2315

The following information is needed in order to properly setup your Web Analysis:

  • Department/Division/Unit name, etc.
  • Your Contact information (Name, E-mail, Phone)
  • Web site address (URL) to report on
  • Is this a One-time or Continuous report (if continuous, identify recurring schedule - weekly, monthly, semester, etc.)
  • Identify if this is a new report, a request for an additional report, or a change to an existing report