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Web, e-Learning, and Publication Services

e-Learning and Academic Web Support

e-Learning Services


The e-Learning Blog offers tips and best practices on the use of Canvas, Adobe Connect, Checkbox Survey, and Course Design.

e-learningSupporting faculty in the use of technology to facilitate teaching and to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom.
For Canvas support, call (239) 590-7100 or submit a support ticket via Canvas.

  • Learning Managment System (Canvas), Turnitin, Checkbox Survey, Adobe Connect
  • Web technologies including publisher intergrations, student response systems,  blogs, video, audio, and portfolios

Empowering faculty to develop exemplary courses and integrate technology into the curriculum.
Contact Muriel Reyes at (239) 590-7083 for questions on training and workshops.

Strengthening the instructional effectiveness of a course through the design, development, and use of pedagogical strategies, digital media, audio, video, and e-Learning technologies.
Contact an e-Learning Designer for Instructional Design support:

Chris Jordanek - (239) 590-7084
Nicky Khattapan - (239) 745-4282

e-Learning Updates: 

Current articles on FGCU's e-Learning Updates: